Wont start

  • Was the car sat there idling on its own for a while??

    Just ask as it may of overheated and done the headgasket.

    It happened on my covic… wouldnt start and after a quick pressure test, showed the head gasket was blown to pieces!!!

  • literally from turning the key straight to popping the bonnet sort of time,a minute max :?

  • take a picture of your air filter for me. you may have connected this wrong so the car has no idea how much air is getting into the car or its temperature. Have you re-connected the VAF sensor properly and have you knocked any of the iwres out of it? This would definatey make it stall. Plus did I read right you have put a resistor in?? They do nothing for your car apart from lie to the ECU. This may also be causing the problem. Also I hope you didnt pay anymore than 7 p for it.

  • lol,7p,very precise:D i put the origianl air filter back in,removed the "7p resistor" and checked over all wiring.they all seem sound,but the problem remains :? il see if i can get some pics neways,it will probably be something so amazingly simple and stupid.fingers crossed it is neways:) btw,thankyou to everyone for the help uv given :D

  • I know it sounds obvious but could it be the battery?

  • battery is fine,even charged it up overnight for the "just incase" wish.and same to petrol.thought maybe the needle had stuck so stuck a few extra quid in,all to no avail.even though the plugs are sparking,they are ooooold,so il try replacing them and see if that makes any difference

  • 1. Get a new battery in there (dont charge it, just borrow one)

    2. Check VAF is wired up properly? I would re-fit stock filter to test aswell.

    3. What does the starter sound like when you start it? What else can you here? (put your head under the hood and get someone to craank it for you)

    4. If you are deff getting a spark, it could be worth doing a ground test to see how strong the spark is. You might need new plugs.

    6. Put some petrol in it LOL.

  • VAF wring-check,petrol-check,def gettin a spark but im thinkin maybe not strong enough,and it sounds exactly the same as when my dizzy died on me,all perfect,just not quite grabbing.il give the second battery a try neways just incase.already fitted everything back to stock.and just a little question,there is a little tube that comes out of the top of the air filter casing,what is it/whats it do?if there is even a little spark with my current spark plugs does that mean the dizzy is working?or could that have died on me again and still be producing a small spark?

  • have u tried putting it in diagnosis mode to see what codes you get, u just need an l.e.d and a paper clip, paper clip between grd and 10 pin and led between fen and b+ and turn on ignition and it should flash a code, i have the code meanings somewhere, hope this helps

  • cheers for that little tip:D actually found out it was a duff sparkplug.swapped it over,along with the rest of the dodgy set and its working beautifully again:D but if you have those codes anyways that would be great thanks:)


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