Custom brakes finally built

  • Finally got round to doing conversion after nearly a year of running the 2.5 V6 Ze engine, on crap brakes !!.

    Anyhow there of course are alot of quality discs and pads, stainless lines out there that will do just as good a job, but me being me I wanted something one off and rare to fill my 17inch rim.

    So using british engineering at its best I had a custom built big brake conversion made. Comprising of willwood 4 pot calipers, stainless lines all round, big discs on custom machined ally bells and caliper brackets, quality brake fluid refill.
    And the positive thing is that the kit actually weighs less than the oem brakes.

    So its onto the next project for me, and with loads of ideas its hard to decide what to do next :roll:


  • Looking VERY nice mate. Dare I ask what other ideas you have since your MX does look pretty sweet already (from
    BTW, where did u get your ZE from in UK?
    I'm considering it but for a 21 year male with 3 points the insurance is probably gonna be sky high!

  • Very nice… Dare I ask how much they cost? Or is it a case of "If you have to ask then you can't affrod them".

  • i want some!!!

    Did you ask about them making a few sets, or is it just a one off?

  • Quality job Gareth, I saw these about a month ago, the pictures cant put into perspective how much better they look in real life than our 264mm discs!

    Was impressed with the motor too, exhaust sounds great too, although i definatley think id win the UK's loudest MX3 award, lol.

    If i was keeping my MX i would get a metal works to knock out 20 hub/calliper brackets, that way all you need is discs and matched willwood callipers…..

    Nice work Gareth, ps..did u manage to send those bonnet/headlamp rubbers?


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