Dial Change

  • Hi all, im sure this has been asked many times but Ive just bought some white Glow Dials for my car and need to fit them :?
    They came with instructions but Im still not convinced im good enough, prob snap a few of the needles!!
    Is it as easy as they say or should I keep looking for a professional?

  • I changed my glow dials, but made a mistake and snapped my fuel needle.
    They are a bit of a fiddle to do, patience is the key.

    It will take a matter of minutes to removal your dash cluster (speedo, rev-counter). Then a bit longer to install ya glow dials.

    Good Luck :P

  • it's not that difficult but like mechanic said, patience is key… it's best if you have a backup set of dials in case you mess yours up... I don't want to tell you to do something then you break it! lol know your skill level and if you get halfway in and feel like you are going to break something just stop! this project is fragile!


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