• Ok, this may sound stupid but hear we go.

    When i turn on my heater does not matter weather i have it on hot or cold before we start i have noticed a problem the last couple of days. If i put it on any setting 1 -4 the power seems to fluctuate it is more noticable on the higher settings you can hear it the vents blow really hard then they go half the power for 2-3 seconds. I am looking at a dodgey conection or something else.

    Any help would be great.

  • not sure there mate. but you may just have a pipe thats slightly off the heater box. mine is also starting to confuse me. now and again it turns is self off. the fuse is ok. (with a nice firm slap) to the heater. it kicks back in to action. have to get in there this week to have a look. also i dont think mine works oin settings 1 and 2. any ideas on that one would be great

  • id say its a duff switch

  • id say don't bother buying the crap heaters off Ebay, and wait till summer :lol:

    could be lots of things :? have you got push buttons to direct the air? its nosier when its on certain settings, when it changes try giving a tap…or attack it, if it changes back then it would probably be a dodgy connector like Tinyrhino says

  • My backlighting works at random, I think the HVAC controllers must just have shit connectors at the back

  • Might be the variable resitor that controls the fan speed that is packing up.

  • Does anyone else have the issue of it blowing harder when you accelerate… my lights also do the same thing... seem to get brighter the faster I go... pretty scary when it's foggy, as have to put foot down to see :?

    Also, no matter how warm outside... when trying to get warm on those frosty mornings... takes a good 15 minute journey for the blowers to even get warm... hit nice warmth when I get to work so don't really benefit at all... any ideas?

  • johno, sounds like bad earthing.

    mx3's are famous for it.

    i'd say get a ground wire kit off ebay or make your own, it'll work out about the same price, but you get the quality and satisfaction if you make your own.

    i have a link to a great site made by Gro Harlem, it includes DIY's on how to make your own ground wire kit, paint your wheels, install short shifter, change your bushing (ooh, suits you sir!) and a few other really useful pieces.

    ill throw it up when i get home

  • Really? Nice one, cheers Stephen. So you reckon once earthed, it will actually blow hot air within a couple of minutes?

  • you'll find everything electrical runs better with the ground wire kit, headlights brighter, better sound from the radio, quicker engine start.

    i completely forgot to put up the link and im in work now, ill do it later

  • http://www.clubprotege.com/wil/howto/

    There is that link for you Johno!

    Better late then never


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