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  • Hi all,

    I recently came across this site and can i say it is a pleasure to be amongst such esteemed company - dont we all own great cars.

    Anyway, i am a first time Mazda MX 3 owner and am looking for guidance on how to do a few things if anyone can help me out.

    I drive a Black 1991 MX3 Auto 1597CC (i know i know - its an automatic but i am a girl after all ;) ) and i need to clean my headlamps as they are a little foggy. Anyone got any ideas?

    Also, i have some slight sun fade on the roof and drivers side panel that i would like to try and buff out. Its not bad enough for a respray just yet and any tips for bringing it back to life would be cool.

    Does anyone also know where i can get replacement seat covers for the bucket seats? Mine are a bit shabby and i want to replace them

    I'll post some pics as soon as I can and you can all start telling em what to do to the old girl!!

    Cheers and i look forwards to hearing from you all.

    Lisa (in Woking Surrey)

    PS - i posted some spares for sale if anyone is interested?

  • Hiya, good to hear from a girl mx-3 driver, god knows there are a lot of them but not many seem to venture onto this website :D
    With regards to the seat covers, I had a similar problem with the drivers side one. There's a topic started in the asthetics forum named "seats" which will explain what I did with mine. It seems that the seat covers are too complex to have made cheaply so one idea reccomended to me (from daryl) is to dye the outer of teh seat (greyish-blue) to a charcoal or black colour and have the central panels replaced (the ones with the nasty coloured threaded fabric).
    With regards to the headlights, try this website:

    Hope that helps



    You need a plexi glass cleaner and alot of elbow grease.
    You can also use a plastic/metal polishing compound just make sure its a fine compound.

    2. FADE

    All you can do is black T-Cut it.

    • If the whole drivers side panel is faded, its probably been replaced after an accident.


    Changing the seat covers is not much fun. They are held on by 'hog rings', little metal rings under the cover holding it tight. There is about 25 on each chair and you need to buy new hog rings and a set of hogring pliers of ebay (£7 for rings and pliers) to refit them.

    Depending on what you want to spend there are 4 options:

    1. Try and buy used covers from a scrappy (they dont like selling covers as the seat is then useless)

    2. Buy a pair of seats from scrappy (about £120 delivered)

    3. Uprade and buy second hand a full leather interior (seen them go for £300 delivered)

    4. Buy new covers from germany on ebay ( £260 ish, you have to fit yourself)

    Link to cover sellers:

  • HI,

    I am currently updating my own seats (i'm daryl) and I just tried to die them black and it did not take they stayed exactly the same colour.

    So its official, dying does not work, there must be some synthetic material used. What a pain in the butt!!

    I am still replacing the center fabric though. Will post pics when its done, doing it myself so its not perfect and I'm pretty good with a sewing machine so deff not for the novice at all !!!

    Do not try this at home :D unless your a competant sewer.
    (I used to make my own clothes)

  • welcome along! :)

  • Hello, hows you…? By the way, i work out! x haha Have you got some pics of the MX?

  • Hmmm. Hadn't spotted those covers on ebay.
    The only thing that worries me is the fact that it says covers for 1993+ MX-3, Mine is a '92 but I wasn't aware of any seat changes in 1993. The covers look like the right ones.
    Also, on a side note, instead of hog rings, I just used cable ties, Pretty strong, no special tooling needed and easily removable. Haven't had one snap yet.

  • admin

    Hi & welcome :)

  • Thanks for the welcomes!

    Taking some pics of the MX3 this weekend though i dont want any of you lot laughing as I've only had her six months and theres LOADS to do before she is up to you lots standards!

    having said all that, i am thinking of having a 'revamp lisas MX3' party in the summer with beer and a bbq - Any takers ;) ;)


  • hi there lisa. welcome aboard to the club. i have just joined too. i would love to upgrade my front seats to half leather in the near future. i have just bought 17" alloys to go on my car and they should be deliverd tomorrow cant wait :D

  • did you say beer and a bbq count me in lol

  • @bd107ea6f9=james:

    did you say beer and a bbq count me in lol

    :lol: Damn, only 7 months to late

  • lol o well how did it go ?

  • Erm…. Pass. I kind of zoned out on that one, busy summer :oops:

  • hi hows it going, and well its a shame about the seats but the worst thing is theres a place up here in preston that recons seats but i know its a little far but if you want more info about it ill find out all the details for you :shock:


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