Klde swap

  • can someone pls help. i recently fitted a klde engine into my mx3 i also put in the 2.5 ecu, vaf and injectors. i kept the 1.8 inlet manifold and throttle body. the engine ran great (rapid for about 3-400 miles then when i put fuel in the car it ran total shit hold back and bogs down. do you think this is bad fuel or something more serious? any help much appreaciated.

  • sounds very strange
    why didnt you run the intelt and throttle body, thats gonna have some effect
    its only extendning a few wires to get soem of the censors to meet
    although i doubt this is your problem as i know of a few klze conversions that have done this to save space

  • the manifold off the klde engine was wrecked so was the throttle body, so i had to use my k8 stuff. i dont think the manifold is the problem as it was ok when i got it back from garage.

  • I would start by pulling codes. See what comes up, I wouldn't rule out that filling up may have coincided with another problem. Was the engine sitting long before you had it installed? Do a compression test?

    When you say holds back, is it misfiring? Dizzys are crap on these cars, I think my second one is on its way out…

  • theres no missfire, just down on power. engine compression was checked when put in all ok. no ticking or noises from engine.

  • air flow sencer
    i would defantly recomend checking the air flow sencer

  • sorry i took so long to reply. i reset the ecu and ran fuel cleaner through and after a 100mls it ran good, but now after approx 500mls the engine is running slower and hesitant again. iam at aloose end as to what it could be. any suggestions?


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