• not sure if this is the right place but im sure u will all like to hear it. well another sunday passed and another civic vtech thought he was the balls. little to say he didnt look pleased when my klze ate him.


  • lol not a chance, hope you kept your 1.8 badge on to really piss 'em off!

  • nah i got tommys rear hatch so its all debadged but it was funny when a green and red mx-3 whent flying past him

    didnt look too happy :P

  • legend :lol:

    just as funny when i have people off with my sh*tter

    how gutted would you be getting beat by that? :lol:

  • lol that engine and drivetrain longs to be in a mx3!

    I love beating newer far more expensive cars… and I'll be alot better at it when I finish rebuilding this bloody ze!

  • yes it does…well not this engine...but another :lol:

    i'd love to see one with it in 8)

  • dont tell me thats the 323 GTX u know how legendery those engines are!!!


    those engine can push 400+ bhp on stock internals!!!!!!!

    basically if its the 323 GtX u got a MONSTER UNDER UR BONNET

  • :lol: the boy knows well :wink:

    it is indeed a GTX, currently pushing around 180BHP, all is good getting it 400BHP, the gearbox doesn't hold long with that though, the only thing to do with that power is convert the drivetrain to a celica GT4 :wink:

    it might not be the best looking car, but i love it, and gave it the name black widow :lol:


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