Help Looseing Oil

  • Ok the problem is simple.

    Got my car serviced at 80,000 miles and had an oil change. Anyway 2,000 miles later when ever i started the car there was a very bad tapping noise, i assumed it was because it was cold and it could be the tappets. This happened for a couple of days. Then i checked the oil :shock: None nothing.
    Now before you ask there is no oil leak i have looked every where and it does not smell of burning oil and there is no smoke either.

    So then i thought well i never checked the oil when i picked it up from the service so did they put it in. Right so i filled the engine with oil and the noise completely stopped and all is good :D

    Then after only 1,500 miles i checked the oil today as i heard the noise this morning and :shock: there is nothig on the dip stick.

    Now cars can burn a bit of oil but my god this is a joke and i am completely baffled so as said any ideas or help on the matter would be great.

    Thanx in advance :)

  • err, you got a leak :lol:

    try checking when the car is both off and running, there will be a leak, you should have some oil splatters on your driveway, first thing id be thinking is the oil sump plug

  • Have ya checked ya coolant to make sure that the oil way has not leaked into the water way on your h/gasket.

    Hope not as that is a pain..

  • one of your mates is tight arse and nicked your oil via plug and a bowl hahaha

  • There is no oil leak there is nothing on the drive when it is off or running and the coolant is fine as well and none of my mates have nicked it lol

  • manufacturers always state that the engine will use x amount of oil over a 1000 miles and should be checked often.
    as a side note buell say I should check my oil when I fill it up with go juice. that's every 120ish miles.
    so looking at your numbers I'd say your cars fine and you should check more often.

  • Ok i agree that cars and all so bikes use oil but we are talkin about 5 ltr of oil every 1,500 mles, that puts my car on par with a mazda rx8 which burns a lot of oil because of its rotary engine, which i considered buying but was put off by the running costs.

    How often do other people fill up there oil as a comparison.

  • are you using the right grade of oil as if its to thin then it'll just disapear :shock:

  • 10 / 40w castrol magnetech dose wonders for mx3s

  • Well i hope so i ordered the oil from a uk mx3 specialist what oil should i be using so i can check it is correct :D

  • Im useing 05 40w which is what came with the service pack from fordprobe store, so could that be the problem as i said there is no leaks and no smoke

  • So if 1 pu 10 40w in should it be fully syhthetic or semi

  • castrols semi syhthetic
    also put in a botle of slick 50 in

  • Right thanx for that i will go get some oil and hope that it works :D

    thank you


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