Ways of freeing up some more power?

  • in a 1.8 v6! any surgestions?

    thanks si

  • Some ideas…

    Make it breathe:
    Air Filter preferably with cold air feed (our engine bays are cramped and hot!)
    Full exhaust 2" piping tops really for 1.8 - 1 inch per litre is a rough rule

    To be honest not alot to be gained, but look at outlaws project, he says he gained 20 bhp? with just CAI, decat, full exhaust. Which is suprisingly good. But still full exhaust, decat… £400 minimum probably. There's a ZE on ebay for less than that atm. You could consider bored throttle body, millenia intake too, but ultimately without something serious like turbo the k8 is going nowhere fast.

    Get an underdrive pulley from cosmo racing £50 for 5-8whp. I've got one on and I can honestly say I could feel the difference. See my guide in how to

    Most people will tell you best way to get more power is a KLZE or even a DE engine.

    Other than that service it, oil, spark plugs, decent HT leads etc.

  • under drive pully seems reasonable!

    any surgested cold air induction kits taht have worked for others?

    where and for how much can i get a decat!

    also ther is a 2.5 throttlebody at scrappy by me well i hope its still thier! woukld this fit? and how much difference would it make to the 1.8 throttle body?
    or are they exactly the same?
    thanks si

  • i've heard some people have put a 1.8 manifold onto a KLZE due to the wiring not quite stretching, as its all ECU controlled i don't think it'll have any benefits as the ECU will control the fuelling.

    The underdrive pulley is reasonable, make sure its a quality one though, don't buy none of the japanese pressed crap

    im looking into making lightened crank pulleys, i bid on a cnc lathe yesterday and it ended up going for 720 :shock:

  • so does that rule any ebay UDP jobbies?!

  • aslong as it says its been cnc machined you'll be ok, ones like…


    that have clearly been lathed, don't bother with any coming from china

  • http://www.cosmoracing.com/productinfo.asp?cid=236&pid=1043
    Ebay ones have a bad name. Unorthadox make the best but cost alot, cosmo make identical ones for alot less. My cosmo one has a few 1000 miles on it, so far so good…

    Wilkos selling decat on ebay for £20 atm.

    TB not sure it would fit off hand, but you could get a complete klze straight neck or curved neck inlet manifold for some extra horses. The 2.5 TB is bigger thought, just can't be 100% it'd fit k8.

  • good!

    there are a few Unorthodox ones on ebay.com, so i might check it out.

    defo worth it?

  • someone in another thread mentioned putting a turbo on a k8

    anyone actually done this?

  • @c8448d7e84=sgt:

    someone in another thread mentioned putting a turbo on a k8 anyone actually done this?

    ha that was probably me, I still dream about it sometimes :lol:
    But yea its been done several times by our friends across the atlantic.

    Here's one:

  • yeah i think i read a walkthru on that site (looked bloody complicated), involved changing the injectors our some uprated ones (which i feel would make a difference all by themselves) i just had a feeling it would be a good way to wreck yer engine and had a bit of a worry about overheating too

  • well u see wot u do is turbo the k8 properly!!! i.e bigger inejctors/fuel pump FPR/ and FMU. then u put the boost up to 6psi to start with and make sure everything is running ok then after a few months u turn the boost up some more. the beauty of a turbo k8 is if the engine does decide to fail on you. you can buy a klde and have already got the turbo setup in your car and we all know 2.5 v6 turbo = win just remember to turn the boost back down to 8psi though 5psi if u buy the klze


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