Scrapyard Swap Shop!

  • I was thinking…...

    How about we devote a section where people can put up what they are looking for, or what they have seen in a scrapyard?

    Among all our frequent visits to scrappies, we could throw up something that we think someone else on here might be interested in?

    Could save us all a lot of money

    Anyone interested?

  • For instance,

    I think i may have found a KL-ZE or at least a KL-DE engine.

    It was in an MX-6 (or xedos 6, cant remember), could do with a bit of a clean up, but may be worth a look.

    Found in:

    Kilcock Dismantlers,
    Co. Kildare,

  • ah kilcock, they always have something in there.

    isn't (halfauds) rob looking for a KLZE ?

    when I mentioned kilcock scrap yard to him he said

    " no , theres nothing there for mx3's "

    mabe he should have looked around a bit more :lol:

    by the way, where did you get those tiny lights for your headlights from?

  • maybe i should let him know!!

    why of the ever impressive ebay. i got a set of 4 led strips for 20 euro shipped.

    pretty sweet.


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