Cobra alarm 6657/imobiliser

  • Well my alarm is giving me some stick!! :?

    i cant get my car started because my imobiliser is stuck on, is ther a way i can reset this?
    As a result of this it flattens my battery

    I have a 2 button fob, green and yellow buttons, and a small key that fits into the alarm….

    My small red light on my dash normally flashess now its stuck on all the time!!

    I havent got a manuel for this, so someone please help me!!!!!!!!

  • after hours and hours of messing about, i got it sorted!!!
    Didnt think the neighbours were impressed tho, with the alarm going off and off hehehe


  • what did you do to sort it i have the same problem

  • you havent got the same problem Nic, just a dead battery. Think about it, if the car starts ok on a set of jump leads then the alarm/immob is deactivating ok on the charge from another battery. When you use the one on the car thats stuffed it all kicks off again.

    New battery, job done.


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