New ideas for rear brake upgrades!

  • hey someone over on clubprotege discovered that mazdaspeed miata rear brakes with a 2mm spacer should fit our rears and it is a pretty good upgrade just thought i'd share the knowladge

  • nice one, thanks for that :) Something had to fit!

  • do the front ones fit on the back?

  • i do recall something about some front brakes fitting on back but the MS rear brakes are bigger than our front brakes and all you need is a spacer so why not do that any bigger is over kill and you still can use the e brake

  • sorry but MS??? pardon my ignorance

  • Mazda Speed (MS) miata sorry i use MS a lot just used to it the 2006 mazda speed miata brakes can swap to ours with a 2mm spacer added in that's it

  • so yours saying projectmx that if i bought brembo rear calipers for a 2006 miata and replaced my mx3 rear calipers everything would work??????

    if so: projectmx will u marry me lol.

    like if u think about it, when u think brakes in terms of power you think all round discs…....then when u look at the rear ones i swear its so miserable looking.

    Seriously good catch man,

    also if ya manager to read this maybe u might be able to help me out here:
    just bought new discs and pads for the two rear brakes. now i installed them fine by unbolting the two main caliper screws and the one secondary caliper screw, hammer, bang, smack......oh bollox, ah feuw!!!!

    after that when i started her up and pushed the break pedal and the hand brake, its like pushing air, no resistance at allllllll.
    was looking through the manual then and found out there is an allen key on the back of the calliper to adjust the piston, QUESTION IS:

    Do i manually turn that allen key until the piston reached the padand that pad touches the disc and do a 1/3 turn back???????

    Cheers mate

  • so has anyone done this? pics???

    does it work with the MS miata rear rotor and calipers? or do we just use the stock mx-3 brake rotor?

    if this works that would be amazing!!


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