Installed a K&N Pod Filter

  • hey guys,

    i picked up a K&N Pod Filter today from AutoOne. Anways just thought id post some pics to make sure ive done it all ok, ill take it up2 my mechanic n get him2 have a quick look as well.

    Bascially i had to remove the top 1/2 of the air box,

    I had to remove the stock bracket as well becuase i wanted the filter to fit in the box, so it couldnt be put back on unfortuanetly.

    Ive held it down for now with a cable tie lol im going to get some thing flat aluminium and make a new bracket to hold it in place.

    The other query i have is there was this other tube attached to the air box. ive just tucked it into the open box under the filter for now but wondering what it does and what i should do with it?

    took it for a 1/2 an hour drive just a few mins ago, and dam! it sounds awesome, so loud and grunty. plus it seems to reduce the laggyness of low revs and pulls away much faster.

    unless its all in my head, but it seems to go awesome

  • I also have mine left to atmosphere like yours, been running like that for about 8 months now with out any probs.

    I think it is to do with your EGR but not 100% sure… :?

  • yes its too the EGR, it is attached to the airbox, so if you want to do a proper job you might want to take the connector of the airbox and drill a hole in the metal part of the filter

  • oh ok so i shud attached it into the K&N pod filter? has anyone else done this?

  • I have a similar filter, but mine has a hole for that line. I guess you could stick a mini breather filter on it. Or drill a hole in the base for it would be cheaper!

  • mini breather filter?

    yeah ill prb hav 2 put a lil hole in the back of the filter and plug it in

  • for that pipe…. drill a hole in the rubber intake on a flat stiff part. make the hole slightly smaller in diameter than the pipe and stuff it in there about half inch. job done

    look at the 3rd pic near the bottom left of the battery..........

  • yeah thats exactly what i have been thinkin of doing.

    do u think its better to completely remove the airbox?

  • When I fitted mine oh so many years back (first mod I did to my car 5 years ago now, shit I've had this thing a long time) I just pulled the entire air box out and fitted the cone then fitted one of these to the breather pipe

    Had no problems since then….None related to the air intake anyway :lol:

    Fitting the cone this way is not an ideal solution for a CAI tho. It might be the simplest way of doing it but your pulling in a lot of hot air from the engine bay (not good). You might want to think about investing in some kind of heat shield as well.


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