Info on Gear box swap for a B6 motor

  • :D Hi people. One of my rides is a eunos presso import, mx3.
    It has a 1.6cc twin cam 16valve B6 motor fitted.
    Last week I hit some shit on the M6 motorway that has caused a cracked in the gearbox.
    I did not see the oil leak to the box started to whine and clunk…
    :( Ooohhh fek I thought, but the little car got me home.
    Now let me get to the point!!! Does anybody know if the mazda 323 gearbox from a 1.8 twin cam 16valve, fit into the mx3?????
    These import mx3's with the 1.6 16valve and manual gearbox are rare as rocking horse poo, as no body has one in breaking for spares.
    This is why I am looking at alternative boxes from other models with four cylinder engines.
    :idea: Any info or points into the right direction would be APPRECIATED!


  • i'm pretty sure it will fit you just need to swap to a bp flywheel and clutch

  • i know there were about 3 4cylinders being broken in Altham near Blackburn, think its J7 or 8 on the M65, youll see the srap yards from the motorway. this was a few months ago they might have gone but it could be worth a shot.

  • Cheers mate, will keep them in mind if I need out else.
    I got hold of one from a 1.5 16valve Maz 323.
    It is the same type F gearbox only difference is an extra
    small casting on one side of the box behind speedo drive hole.
    So I will put it back together this week end and presto.
    BACK on the road :P
    Cheers for the replies!!!!

  • your motor have you got any pics of teh engine as i have a import but not sure on what bhp im running


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