2 Blowouts 2 Cracked Rims and fat useless ginger pig

  • I was casually driving along the shore road, pulled out to the fast lane to over take and BAM heard a horrible crunch and the sound of air pissing out as my car pulled hard to the left…

    Pulled over to inspect the damage. Then had a look for what the hell did it - a 4 inch cube of f**king steel perfectly positioned for mayhem. There was a trailer towed in front of me with similar metal, didn't catch the reg amongst the 2 blowouts :( police couldn't care less but asked me to drop in the metal cube.

    Anyway here's the damage to my beautiful konigs :( was in the car with my girlfriend, lucky to be alive I guess. Though raging noone will be held accountable

  • ah feck that's not good mate. sometimes refurb peeps can fix dings like that, even you could with a lenth of 4x2 and a hammer. ali is soft for few years before it hardens.
    good job both of you are ok and its not all bad

  • shite!!!! not sure if you can claim on insurance and not loose your no claims. my company said before when had other car if my wheels or body got damaged by something like that i could claim and keep my no claims bonus. they would put it down to vandles

  • BE CAREFUL! Dont fall into the trap every other person does with car insurance. YOUR insurance company will honour the No Claims discount if the car is vandalised. If you try and leave no-one else will.

    No Claim is a % discount on a premium. Your premium can still go up.

    EG: premium of £1000 Full NCD of 65% you pay £350.
    premium of £2000 Full NCD of 65% you pay £700.

    You still have your no claims discount, but your premiums can still go up.

  • cheers guys,

    Wasn't going to touch insurance with it, as you said wilko it's doubtless I'll end up paying for it if I do!

    So new I shall put my 18s on the red car, and buy new lightweights for the ZE project car :) But dang I liked those rims! Will probably get some 15 or 16s this time though.

  • can't you claim of highway maintenance? or the council? its upto them to keep the roads safe.

  • Going to give the DOE a go, despite the police saying I've not a chance! May as well at least complain…

  • ffs,looks like it was not deliberate mate tbh,i hate it when the little shits do it deliberate.

  • proxes and konigs :(

    friend had a blow out, lives in america, wrote his car off, crushed it basically…got out with a scratch on his arm, lucky.

    sorry to hear this mate, least u and ur gf is ok.

  • thanks, it was a sad day! But yea at least the car wasn't binned… anyway that's 6 months ago now, time to move on :cry:


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