Irish-mx3's - Project

  • Ok shes very dirty and there is 2 pictures that some of you will not like to see but hey here they are!

    This happened last night! when some prat in a micra did a hit and run!

    At the moment the car is lowered 20mm
    has a hks strut bar/tower bar
    resprayied matt black rocker cover (manifold + injectors next)

    as u see the car needs a new door and i was looking for a reason to get the dents out and get a respray! so soon ill be spraying her gun metal grey and matching gunmetal grey alloys

    Performance plans;
    once the body is sorted out and i get the interior the way i want it!
    Carbon fiber and red retrim,
    I plan in dropping in a 323 GTX 1.8 tubo block which will get me to 166bhp.
    adding performance ECU, Manifold, Decat, Headders, Cams, Forced inducton, and Upgraded injectors i hope to be in excess of 200 bhp at the wheels

  • car looks good, except the door that rocker cover looks smart.

  • yea! iv always had a thing for having a clean engine bay!
    seen as the car will be off the road all week! im taking out all the hoses and de-greasing them maybe even pip some of them to get them propper black again!

  • door sux, but give her a good clean and wax her up! lol

    Keep us updated with the swap dude 8)

  • will do wont be for a while still but ill get it done!

    are they eyebrows on ur car or did u make it a bad boy bonney by welding onto it?

  • cool cool. I extended the bonnet over teh headlights and around the wings. :)

  • Irish, I notice there's a menacing looking micra in the first pic. Could this be the culprit planning a malicious attack?

  • haha feck off you! oh i found out who it was! ts amazing! i just put on my army uniform, baliclava and a 22oZ hammer…..

    got all the details!

  • lol, good job.

    you've gotta be some kinda low-life to do a hit and run.

    There was a bloke at work who bought a Isuzu trooper and took it to a grass carpark near me, lost control of his rediculously big car and hit someone elses.
    Of all cars the tosser could hit, it was an Aston Martin. At which point he put it into four wheel drive, quickly sped off and parked on the other side of the carpark. This was with his kids in the car too. That's gotta be a great way to teach your kids all about taking responsibility for their actions!

    The worst thing is, he seemed proud of it! Some people just make me sick!

  • woo took me the day but i fitted a new door to the car! ok needs to be sprayied but at least its road legal again

  • Respray? Why? Looks fine!


    How much did that set you back for the door?

  • Where'd you get the strut too? Very nice!

  • came with the car!
    its a hks one!
    iv seen em before a group in canada! just google mx 3 tower brace

    the door cost me 175 euro and came with
    Elc mindows
    door hinges

    no mirror was inc,

  • From a scrappy? They must make a flippin packet.

  • wash your carrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    Bet its good to be back on the roads again! :)

  • i looking at the car and i feel there is something missing! but just cant put my finget on it can ye help me out?

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • yea there is a can of polish in the drivers foot well totally not save to drive with that there.

  • since iv been gone…
    iv jus been changine and fixin the engin making its runnin perfect...

    new starter motor and its all upgraded or has a new peplacment.

    im going to custom build a intake for it, and im waiting for my 200lbs clutch to come in! then its just a case of fitting the cage!

  • you're getting a roll cage put in? also what motor are you running? klze?

  • yea! car is being used for track and you cant race with no cage
    iv a 1.5 dohc soon to be N2o injected
    will turbo the car with a vj-14 turbo and parts from the 1.6 GTX

    and once thats fully rinning and race prepped and i do well ill upgrade to the klze and turbo it! as this is my first yyear racing im staying in the <1600cc catagory


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