Here's my problem

  • I had a 3, some muppet wrote it off, now I have an auto 6, found a very nice 3 on sale but my insurance company won't insure me on it because it has ss exhaust and new alloys. I have 2 months left on my policy. Do I cancel it early and loose my second years no-claims bonus and insure the new mx-3 with adrian flux or do I wait it out till May and see if another nice 3 comes on the market so I can get 2 years NCB?
    I need advice/opinions.

  • Cant you transfer your 10 months to adrian flux? Maybe adrian flux would have a workaround idea. I would buy the 3 and wait for the 2months to run out and spend that time making the 3 immaculate :)

  • yeh get the 3 do things to it whal its off road then insure it when you get the 2 years

  • buy it sorn it work on it then run it.


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