Stephen-Mx3 - 1997 B6 Project

  • Hey Folks,

    I finally got my finger out and threw up some pictures! Well, here it is. Its fairly standard at the moment apart from a few little tweeks.

    Have some decent plans laid out, so hopefully they'll work out.

    Oh, and the paint coming off the bumper is courtesy of a lovely French motorist that decided to reverse on top of my car! But im not bothered because his money is gonna help fund my cars transformation to Bayside Blue!! And with the help of Tommy D's lovely wheels, this is gonna be one hell of a car. Hopefully!

    Future Plans:

    Modified Airbox
    Dual-Colour Foglights
    Probe 2.0L Manifold, Sport Cat, Dual Exit exhaust
    Miata Cams, Flywheel and Pressure Plate
    Drilled And grooved Discs with Mintex pads

    Oh, and just so everyone knows, im doing this whole car on a very tight budget, all these items will be second hand or courtesy of eBay. Or both!!

    Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or advice!

  • Forgot to say that along with Tommy D's wheels (17" Black OZ Superleggeras), im also getting his short shifter, clear lenses and central heater outlet which im gonna turn into a custom gauge pod.

    I have performance leads on the car, it has a HID kit but one of the bulbs is gone so they are out of action for the mean time and i have a nice little 7" flip out touchscreen DVD player courtesy of Lidl!

    like i said, on a very tight budget!!

  • nice one :) Looks in pretty good nick. I like that spoiler. Going to smooth off your boot lock?

  • found out that the spolier is rare enough. im defo gonna get it smoothed over! just waiting on wages so i can the whole car done.

    No more dents, cracks, different colours! cant wait!!

  • i got mazdaspeed engine mounts for the 1.6 courtesy of corksport
    pm me or msn me if u want em
    selling em for 150 never used

  • as i've said kami, this car is being done on a budget! sorry! sure my car isn't putting out enough power to really benefit from upgraded engine mounts.

    thanks for the thought though!

  • ye its cool
    just thought u woud want em if u were going turbo.

  • hmm i'm interested in what HID kit you got? I know you said it's out of action but where did you get it from? I'm having trouble sourcing one for h4 bulbs…

    do yours telescope for hi/lo beams? or is it a single filament?

  • straight off ebay!!!

    nope, its a single filament with two seperate "bubbles". so, the switch from low to high was instant, much quicker then standard bulbs.

    BUT!!! be warned, if you cheap out, like i did, you'll get cheap products. i would recommend getting a Bosch kit:

    Like that one. i got a chinese one and the bulbs lasted no time, friends use the bosch kit and the quality seems much better.

    If i was to do it again though, i'd probably just a HID kit for my fogs. Cheaper, easier to set-up and not important how bright they are, just lookin nice is all that matters!

  • bit of a sad update.

    i think we could be one fewer on the roads.

    There is a very strong possibilty that my car is write off. An avensis estate jumped into the back of me and some of the chassis crumpled in the spare wheel well.

    Im sending off the estimate to insurance on monday so we'll see what the assesor says, but my auntie works in insurance and doesn't think it looks good.

    Fingers crossed!

  • jjjjjjjeeeeez! What is with ppl rear ending these cars?! Sounds fatal :( Grab a cheapo off ebay ;) Micromarcs is up on ebay now

  • sad to hear that mate! if tehy do write it off pinch what u can off it to sell like the fog lights and interiour bits lol!

  • if they write it off. say to them to find you another mx3 in same condition for the price. dont accept first offer.

    if they wont budge say ok. ill take the cash sum and have the car also.

    (they will only scrap it)

    then sell bits as said to make up the extra place money aside and get another

  • i've been scouring the papers and online car selling sites and printed off pages of mx-3's going for about the same i paid for it, so im prepared for a battle!

    i really want another mx3 but i wanna get the V6 and cant get insurance until september, so i think ill get a cheapo to do me until then.

    I want something a bit different from the usual, but it has to be 1.6 or under. ill be going back to mx3 though, i'll just be on an extended leave of absence!

  • took mine it for the estimate today should be ok, sorry if that rubs salt in your wounds. its a proper ball ache sorting out insurance and stuff. hope it all works out for you.

  • dont worry about it!

    to be honest, there was a lot wrong with the car, headlight busted, engine a bit dodgy, interior not great, unbelieveable amount of dents, dodgy front brake, clutch going etc

    maybe it'll work out for the best!

  • sorry to here about that mate. let me know what your gonna do with the better bits from the car if your not gonna keep it.

  • It's official.

    She's a write off.

    Bad times, but i am in discussions about purchasing another mx, so im not gone yet.

    And unfortunately the insurance company wants the car but tbh it's working out better for me because i have nowhere to keep it to break for parts and i doubt anyone would pay as much as the insurance company have, which still isn't that much!

    So watch this space!

    Another project around the corner :wink:

    To Be continued….......


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