Help, Some Scumbag has ripped my badge off

  • Help, Some Scumbag has ripped my badge off my bonnet, does anybody have one to sell and how easy is it to out it on ?

  • The badge only pops on with two plastic lugs mounted on the back of the badge. Very easy to remove and replace, prob best going to a scrap yard and pocketing one lol…

  • yo we back in dee 80's :shock:

  • I got a spare you can have for free. I already swapped my bonnet as this one was dented and scratched. Badge is fine though. Will try and take off careful as not to damage. Personally though I prefer the new mazda badge with the wings but have no idea how much these are from mazda.

    PM me your address and I should hopefully get in the post by friday unless you decide to buy the new badge. If I get a spare 5 mins tomorrow I will give old mazda a ring see how much the new ones cost. You might have to patch the holes though not sure if fit the same as ours. Anybody tried it? If cheap and easy enough I may swap myself.

  • to add to the chavs VW badge round his neck lol

  • Hmm obviously the chavs taste has gone up a bit :lol:


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