Rocker cover respray!

  • hey guys only managed to get the rocker cover done yesterday!
    alot of cleaning with stel wool and WD40 but i got it clean and then sprayied it!

    next on the list is the manifold cover
    and the injectors

    then ill be adding a red dress up kit!

  • sounds good dude

  • pics up!

  • what paint did you use?

  • sperex VHT (very high temp) performance paint

    its for spraying exhausts and manifolds. my local place had silver, black & gold
    it cost me E9.90 approx 5gbp and i have now sprayied the manifold cover, the rocker cover and the injectors in 2 coats of constent spray and then a finish coat of just small birsts of spray from a distance and i have about half a spray can left,

  • how much of a pain was it to remove the rocker cover?

    and im gonna do it to my k8, anything i should keep in mind

  • @a7b95625fb=barrywhite21:

    how much of a pain was it to remove the rocker cover?

    and im gonna do it to my k8, anything i should keep in mind

    I've done a few covers (civic, 206) before, they are pretty easy to do just be prepared and have a spare rubber gasket just in case the one on already gets any damage ;)

  • Here's a rough guide…

    Take it off:
    Take off PCV Valve (leave attached to pipe)
    Take off 2 bolts holding alternator harness on
    Disconnect vacuum line at RHS above distributor
    Remove HT leads
    Loosen appox 10 10mm bolts
    Pull it off

    Clean it:
    Spray it with degreaser
    I like to use a wire brush drill attachment, improvise
    Spray with degreaser again and wipe off with a rag
    Dry it off
    You may wish to remove the PCV grommet, but be prepared to replace it, usually baked hard
    Remove the old gasket and give the metal slot where it sits a good clean out

    Spray it:
    Get some VHT paint of your choice
    Layer it up to reduce chipping and scratching

    Replace it:
    Clean the mating surface on the head. Scrape outwards using a plastic scraper. Steel blades can scratch the soft aluminium. I use floppy disk covers as they are alu too.
    Use a bit of high temp liquid gasket on the sharp corners where the rubber gasket wont seal as well
    Insert the rubber gasket into the cover
    Use a bit of high temp liquid gasket on the sharp corners on the head also
    Place the valve cover on
    Torque very little (8Nm?) practically hand tighten the bolts in a criss cross pattern or follow the manual
    Reinsert PCV, reconnect vacuum beside disty, bolt on harness carrier

    As nightstalker says make sure you've a replacement gasket set, liquid gasket and PCV grommet if you're being careful (

  • nice one guys. i cheated and bought a second hand one to clean, looking good now, used wire brush but that was to coarse so now i have wet and dry sanded 1200 sandpaper very smooth. polished with brasso and is now very shiny :D

  • looks good mate. I sprayed mine with gold hammerite and it looks rather good so gonna do gold wheels to match :) just some advice about putting it back on, it might be worth having a new set of bolts because i snapped a few of mine in the head(expensive job). Baring in mind most of our cars are getting on a bit (mines a 1993) so the bolts dont like being undone/done up.

  • What size bolts are on the rocker cover? I want to replace mine with some pretty ones (not the rusty crap that's on at the moment).

  • If you want stainless steel bolts give Wentin Fasteners a call, they do them proper cheap and you can pick and mix, they post out too, if they dont, find out what you need, give them a call for price, and Ill pick it up and post out as its only a 2minute drive from my house. Im in there every few weeks buying bolts for my own projects as you can just walk in and choose the bolts, washers,fasteners you need from the shelving racks. Costs nothing compared to the rip off merchants on ebay selling stainless kits. If your after anodised aluminium bolts/washers/shims/countersinks check out youll save a fortune over the Probolt stuff, and its all pick and mix (online) Ive bought from them 3 times and spent about 180quid in fasteners, not had one item missing or not to size. HTH, J


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