• As i am a total noob to the MX3 world - I have to change over the O/S headlamp as it is US.
    Do i need to remove the front bumper to be able to do this??

    Any info greatly appreciated.



  • yes unfortuntly

  • Okey Dokey - Is it held on with like a thousand bolts or quite easy to get off?

  • quight an easy one althow you man need to replace the 4 bolts in the arches as there genraly snap off when you undothem 2 on each side in the acrche then 2 more some where elce there allredy a poast about removing the bumper some where

  • Cheers James - I did have a quick look through in case it had already been asked - I will search further - Thanks again chap! :)

  • Why, why , why would mazda do that to us? Fancy having to have to take off the bumper to swap the light. I was going to swap my front and rear bumpers off my other car as they have nice subtle decals. In the end I gave up and lived without decals. I spent days trying to get them off gently. The rear was worst I started getting somewhere with the front but thought if I can only have one whats the point. If I had new bumpers, sitting in my garage, ready to go on I could have risked a bit of brute force on them.

    Whats more I even had a step by step guide and I still failed my bolts were just too rusty. Some of the bolts are hiding away and hard to get at. I will try and fine the guide I had and let you know.

    I am still looking for the perfect decals. I have a number for this guy who makes em for a living. He said he could copy my existing ones and do me 2 door stacks for £80 Sounded a bit too pricey for a few stickers. I got to say I am tempted to buy 2 official UK-mx3.com ones though. They look mint on the rear screen like in the photo. I never even knew that part of the screen was actually straight. Bet they gain you 5-10BHP as well lol.

  • I can't find the guides anywhere but I found some on my PC from the stuff I copied off MX3.com when I was changing mine.

    I have just sent it to you via PM. Probably American by the terminology used. There are 3 peoples versions on there I have seperated them by an underline. Have fun and good luck.

  • Many thanks for the info - very much appreciated

  • just undo the bolts on the offside and middle :wink:


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