Kl de swap

  • hello everyone out there,advice needed again. realising how hard to get and how much a ze is,im thinking down the lines of a de, ive got a 94 mx3 and wondered what else has to be uprated ie.clutch,breaks,gearbox,ecu etc.
    looking for a donor mx6 or probe soon,when ive saved some pennys.if any one has any advice ,would appreciate it cheers :D

  • There is loads of help for this on here. Im considering KLZE but like you will probably have to go with the DE. At the moment Im going to swap 1.8 V6 to 1.8 V6 straight swap to get me out of a jam.

    Check out my thread: http://www.uk-mx3.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1139

    Also what ever engine you go for you have just got to do this to it: http://www.uk-mx3.com//forum/viewtopic.php?t=195

    There are lots of swap guides on here and on mx-3.com I have been told the gearbox is fine but keep the uprated clutch from the bigger car. Also being pre 1995 your ECU should plug straight into the new engine. Bonus!

    People say its worth while replacing other bits while the engine is out. Makes it damn easier than after. Things like belts and gaskets.

    I have got to say even like for like I am still scared but have nothing to loose as my engine block is cracked anyway. I am sourcing a chaep engine lift and then its all go. This is my biggest expense as I have an engine sitting in my other car but then you have to think about all the fluids you need to put back in. Engine oil and filter, gearbox oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant etc. I think this will cost a packet. In the mean time I might get an MX6 off ebay if money will go that far.

    People say you can probably do the swap in a weekend or less. My mate said most important tool is an impact wrench if you can rob one for the day.

  • cheers for the reply,bad news about your engine .the first mx3 i had blew so had a direct replacement the garage charged me 550 pounds for the engine and fitting then someone crashed into it what a waste.


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