ABS Sensors are delicate BEWARE when your car goes 4 repair!

  • Hi Guys, I have not got a problem as such but seen as I am new to this site thought I would let you know about this. It might help you all in the future!

    A couple of years ago my drivers CV joint went so I got recovered to my nearest garage. He replaced the joint but cost me £130 (I now know you can do it yourself for around £40).

    Anyway as I collected my car the guy warned me that my Engine light was on and was due to him disconnecting the ABS sensor. He said it would settle in a few days. A week later and I could not get hold of the guy again. He never answered the phone and he had broken my ABS sensor. Too long passed and in the end my car failed its MOT on other things but the light would of failed it anyway. I had tried everything to reset the memory but the sensor was definately broken.

    I then got my current MX3. Great! I had ABS again and could play in the snow! All was well until my passenger wheel baring collapsed when I was going round an island. Nearly flipped the car but didnt. I got it recovered to another garage near where I was at the time. I had to supply the bearing in order to get me home as quick as pos and it still cost me £200. They were shutting up shop when I got fetched the car so I promptly paid but no receipt as they were locking up. Then they told me my light was on due to the sensor. I told them they had broken it and the same thing happened to me before. He said drop the car in and they would fix it.

    The trouble was I live in Wales and the garage is in the West Midlands. It was a month later when I booked the car in and he had it for 2 whole days eventually saying the sensor was broken and there was nothing he could do. I said he broke it, he said the light was on before the car went in (It wasn't BTW). In the end he said its my word against his.

    I felt like petrol bombing his garage with him in it. (I didn't do it BTW).

    Anyway the moral of the story is if I take my car in now I point out that my light isn't on before they start work. These sensors are a Mazda replacement part only and very, very expensive and very, very delicate.

    I hope this helps you all avoid what happened to me twice by 2 seperate garages.

  • Sound advice. They're a total rip from mazda, I ended up buying some of german ebay to replace mine…


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