Posable klze ?

  • wolud a 95 'N' REG MAZDA XEDOS 9 have the right 2.5 klze ?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazda_Millenia

    Same as millenia, yes its a klze but less aggresive cams - its the curved neck klze. Possibly lower compression, which could be good for a turbo setup…

  • yeah it will probably have the kl01 cams (I have those in my ze)

    as far as compression I thought all ze's were the same?

  • so this would be the same engine as jt tuneing used in that amazing mx3 ?
    if so then i must get this very very cheep crash damage car

  • I think the uk one and japanese one have different compression ratios…or maybe the 160BHP isn't a KLZE? instead a KLDE...meh :lol:

  • mike said he had a klze Millenia low compression engine (190Hp).

  • you know more than me mooneggs! I just cba checking :P Handy table that. My mind is fried with too much about zes des cams valve springs…

  • or thers a KL 31 101a whats that ?

  • they're the different heads.


    Actually it is a ZE, not all ZE's had kl31 heads, the newer millenia engine has a newer designed kl101 head that has bigger valves, it flows just as good or better then the kl31 heads. You also need not worry about the valves dropping on this motor. Expect to see this motor coming up more often as the older klze's are being sold off.

    and Mooneggs I found this by soloryder about someones ZE or not a ZE. This must have been the low compression ZE I was thinking of. He normally knows his stuff..


    its a newer millenia, it has 9.5:1 compression (for emissions reasons in the later years) It should also have square ported heads like mine. It also has a redesigne camshaft friction gear so it should run quieter. It should be about 180-190 hp. Its a good motor for some NA or boost. I like mine

  • hum this is the pic he sent me looks good waht do you think ?

  • well its hard to tell. Obviously it has the millenia curved neck IM. I'd have a go on mx-3.com with this pic. They'll probably tell you to try and read the head codes, or cams, or look down the spark plug hole for dished or flat pistons. Maybe the engine code on his v5 could be used to verify?

  • haven gone to see it yet will defantly check head codes

  • it had kl 1a1 heads whats that ? good stuf ?

  • Some links to help you:


    The Intake Manifold:
    The Heads.
    The heads should read KL31-101

    keep in mind some Millena engines have these heads and intake manifold.
    They do however lack the pistons and the cams of a KLZE engine.
    The millenia KL will also have EGR.

    So to be honest I don't know. Not without knowing the cams and the pistons. Maybe you could research to see what engine came as stock for that xedos. Wiki pedia reckons its 2.5L 170 hp (127 kW) V6. So not quite what your after for NA, but maybe a good route for turbo.

  • That geocities link is really enough to put me off. I feared it would be bad enough comparing 2 engines the KLZE to the KLDE let alone the variants within each.

    Also what are front clips that nobody sells with the engine? I never knew I needed front clips or any clips for that matter. I just thought I needed the engine and the clutch.

  • lol tbh I dont think it's not the end of the world if you don't end up with the proper ZE. It's still gonna whip a K8, and if its not ZE then it'll be happier for turbo down the line.

    Front clips no idea what they're on about. Maybe the circlip for the axle outta the tranny? I left that half in the tranny whilst taking the engine out, saves the bother of that bollox.

  • well it will be good for turboing so im gonna bid for it as thats my intention

  • just got it for £315.00 1995 MAZDA XEDOS 9
    full car to strip
    so i can use engine and ecu and sell off other bits

  • the only one you really dont want though is the kf! It's a 2litre, which is no fun. But I'm sure where ever you've seen this says 2.5 right? Well hope it's good to you and it's the right engine you're after :?: :!: Oh yea and make sure the donor and your car are OBD one (3plug ecu)

  • yeh i went up erlyer to check the head coads defantly 2.5 now i just got to go up there and get it so i can get my engine run it as irt is for a year then turbo wooo


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