Help pleaseeee

  • ok mainly for the people who have done the enine change but anyone else who knows really
    its all a bit confusin now suppoed to have had a new engine wiring loom with this new motor but dont, ITS ALL BEEN CUT
    can i use my original looom?? had jono, tommy, wilko etc chnged theirs
    also where is the ecu located and can i run my oriinal one
    also if i change my ecu, do i have to change keys, imobilsers etc
    im welll confused and propa pissed off atm so any help would be well apreciated

  • I'm in the middle of mine so its all pretty fresh for me.

    1. Yes you are meant to use your original wiring loom (providing your car is OBD1) There may be minor changes depending what year your car is and what year the engine you're putting in is. That's what makes the swap so easy and popular.

    2. ECU is under the HVAC and is easily accessible by removing the bottom panel in the passenger footwell.

    3. Your ECU has no idea what keys you're using - this is not an issue.

    4. You can run your original one, but really you should get the kl31 ecu for the ze, as your k8 ECU won't utilise the full power of the ze or de. Even with that the VRIS points are callibrated for the straight neck.

    You should really read ALOT of guides from or even tom's basic overview in the how to section on here answers alot of this. Are you doing the swap yourself?

    So don't worry about the wire chopping! You don't need them!

  • fantastic
    thank you so much marco
    made me feel alot beter :wink:
    and yess have read alot of guides etc
    and yess am doin it myself
    ready for donny istf or wateva it is now
    so 5 weeks and countin

  • nice one :)
    5 weeks - I hope you dont have a full time job like I do! What are you putting in klze or klde? Let me know if you find a source or ECUs!

  • well i picked it up in dover 9 hour round trip
    and im a uni student with 2 jobs, but with 2 very good mates who are mechanics :wink:
    it took us a day to get the motor out and were vectoring a week after evrythings been polished, chromed, painted etc to get it back in
    came from a smashed up import mx6 weird codes on the heads but there is a kl-39 stammped on the block so heres hopin
    but they forot to gimmie the ecu, its on its way bein posted thouh :wink:

  • erm, don't the J-spec engines have more sensors so need the J-spec wiring loom? :?

  • Nope. Basically if you get a 91 klze and put it in a 91 mx3 everythings the same. If you get a 93+ and put it in a 93+ its the same. Only variation I believe is some may not have crank sensor or coolant sensor may need tapped in. Seriously if you had to change the wiring loom there'd be a lot less ZEs and alot more BP/BPTs!


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