• Lots of posts from me today.

    I'm looking to get the whole car resprayed in April to give it a fresh look. Im keeping with the same colour silver. I went to a local spay shop yesterday and quoted me £1700. Know this seems abit steep to me espically as that was without spraying the bonnet.

    Anybody know any good sprayshops preferable in the north west but i dont mind traveling if the quality of work is good.

  • The price sounds good to me but you need to do the bonnet.

    You going to put a bodykit on it before you get it sprayed? Its the best time to put one on if you are going to.

    Are you doing it properly and gutting the car, or just a spray over?

  • Yeah i have looked at a few kits to put on. Its just a spray over and to treat a little bit of rust, dont need a full strip out paint job as i aint changeing the car colour. Not doing the bonnet as im getting a carbon bonnet.


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