Fog Lights

  • Quick question about the fog lights.

    My MX3 has got 1 white foglight and 1 yellow, strange. I went to look at a set of MX3 foglights last week and they were both yellow. What colour are they meant to be as i am desperate for a set of white ones for my new bumper.

  • I think yellow may be Jspec whereas white is our native colour… no pun intended lol

  • yeah it sounds like somebody bought a replacement from mazda and they gave them the other color…

  • You can remove the yellow lenses from with-in the lamp unit just unscrew it and flick it out. Doesn't really effect the beam pattern that much you can always adjust that afterwards.

  • Are you sure you can just flick it out. Ive been trying to get mine out. Mine has yellow so is mine jap spec? Wasn't import on the V5.

  • Right its confirmed. Ive just got one of my fogs off at 9.30 Sunday night and there will be no flicking of any lenses in my case. I was excited to hear they could be flicked out that I dashed out to try and flick it.

    I got the part off the car that can be seen and uncliped my bulb. I then tried unscrewing the 3 tiny phillips on the front but they were too badly rusted. So I undid the 2 phillips on the back leaving only the allen key adjuster with the plastic thing on the back. This too was well rusty so a bit of WD40 and brute force and I got the middle egg shaped bit out. The outer lens is white and the yellow lens is a glass inner bit but there is no way I can flick it out. It looks like you take it out form the inside but the unit is completely sealed with 4 rivits. Gutted I thought I was on to a winner then.

  • Thats strange i managed to remove both yellow lenses in a lunch break.
    The screws were crap i used diamond gel on the tips to remove and then un-screwed the craddle that the yellow lense sits in.

    Sorry to hear you had no luck. :(

  • The middle egg shaped bit (that holds the yellow lenses) has no screws other than small 2 phillips on the back holding the bulb fitting on. I take this out and theres not much space on the hole but there are 2 screws inside this holding a bar going accress the inside. This is the sealed part and I can't get to them without drilling the rivits.

    The lens it too big to take out from the outside. There is a chamfer on the edge of the glass so they have to come from inside out.

  • Are you going to drill the rivets out?

  • I will put it on the back burner for now. Need to get it on the road again first. Definately want white ones though so probably will do it. Ive always got spares on my other car in case I balls it up. I reakon they will be much brighter as light will only have one glass lens to travel through.

  • On my old 3 I had one fog where the filter was easily removable (one screw either side of the filter mount but the other one was riveted in. should be easy to drill out the rivets but I didn't try it.

    Oh the yellow fogs are not j-spec, mine had them and that was uk spec…

  • Have found mine is UK spec too. Its on my to do list. Main thing is polishing my bay then swap engine then lights when back on the road. Not too rushed as I aint got any lifting gear yet.

  • Also worth pointing out is that if you're going for clear fogs you might want to make the indicators clear too. easy enough to do (although a little destructive). You need to remove the indicator/sidelight housing and break the orange filter out with a hefty pair of pliers. It takes a litte while and a bit of effort but it make makes the car look much better (personal opinion ofcourse). Also remember to get some orange bulbs since the ones in there will more than likely be clear. crome dipped ones are best to avoid that nasty "fried egg" look.

  • Thanks for that, I never even contemplated this but can see where you are coming from. I did this before on another car but I had to swap the light itself (cost me a bit if I remember right) then I got the chrome dipped bulbs you mention. I did think about swapping the side repeater but as my car is red thought they actually look ok. Any other colour I would swap them to clear.


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