Front discs tarox

  • hi just bought a new pair of tarox drilled and grouved discs, & would like to kno if is it adviseable to change the rear ones at the same time or
    can i run with the front ones only?

  • yea you can run with just front ones, brakes should be changed in pairs. So that's fine. It's not uncommon for people to buy big brake kits only for the front which creates a far bigger imbalance than the negligible difference drilled and grooved will do.

    So get em on and show us a pic ;)

  • don't forget to change your pads! cos if you use your old ones you'll ruin your lovely new rotors

  • cheers pals

    should i get green stuff pads to go with??

  • greens are good.
    but they take bit to bed in. but when they have you'll know about it lol

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