Crank Pulley in half!

  • Well for a few weeks I've been having this sound that I thought was a rattling heatshield. It resonated around 2800 rpm. Yesterday I was driving out to get lunch from work and I heard a horrific shredding sound from my bonnet. Had a look and my alternator belt was gone, looked on the road and found it in tatters.

    So I drove it home running off the battery, minimal wipers, lights, stereo all off in the pouring rain to save the electric for the important things.

    I stuck a new belt on this morning assuming the last one shredding was just wear and tear or on too tight. And within seconds it shredded my new £7 belt lol :lol: I checked the pulleys for bearing failure- all sweet. Then saw the crank pulley had grown by an inch! The outer alternator ring had slid its way off :o :shock: So it's as well I've a spare k8 lying about to nick the pulley off. Tempted to put my underdrive pulley on it and buy another for the ze, but not sure I could be assed grinding it down…

    Rivetting story over :D

  • don't you just hate it when that happens…

  • its almost as bad as waking up late and realising your shift at work has already started

  • or missing your g/f's birthday.

    now that's a really bad day oh boy is it bad… :shock:

  • your not helping. can't you see this chaps in pain? :lol:

  • guessed could upset

    so the story is now in mx3 general


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