Mcgurk locking wheel nuts….grrrrrr

  • Dont you just hate it when a locking wheel nut snaps taking the adaptor tool with it!!!!!!

    Now going to have to figure a way to get 4 locking wheel nuts off without the adaptor thingy and need to do it this week as I have 2 rear brake disks and pads being delivered on friday.

    Anyone got any Ideas?????

  • if they are mazdas why not take it to them and get a replacement?

  • There Mcgurk ones mate. Individual cut key for each set.

    Im thinking of getting a 19mm socket and smacking it onto the wheelnuts hoping that will get it sorted, the only problem there is fooking my alloys up.

  • if you have the box for them they should be able to send out a replacement key. if not you can get a socket/nut with a reverse thread that tightens to the locking-nut and then losens it. you need the right size though. they are on ebay around £40 for a set of 5 all different sizes.

    I was in a similar situation, but got really lucky as a guy at work had exactly the same set!

  • if you bring it to dorchester i can do it for you

  • Cheers for the offer James, if I get no joy localy ill give you a shout mate.


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