Car Battery Replacement for v6

  • Hi,

    After my Abingdon airfield track day yesterday, my battery has decided to spill acid over the inside of the engine bay.

    Does anyone know where the cheapest place to get a new one is? Halfords want £72.99! I dont use the air con anymore if that makes a difference.

    And do I need to remove the strutbrace to fit it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • battery hcb063 will do (halfords) they are good thats what i'm runnin
    in no ya shouldn't need to take the brace off

  • we were quoted about 70 squids as well from halfrauds for the wifes bravo batt. sod that and found a tyre battery place got one half the price frauds wanted.

  • Cough Cough check my profile and occupation! :roll:

  • hes part of the halfrauds dealers, everyone run :P

    in alll honesty id try a car spares rather than halfords, the only thing good about them is the guarantee, but if somewhere else offers the same at half the price why not?


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