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  • hi all i thought it was time to put my mx3 up on this site. it was a bit of a mess when i got it but its getting better. i needed to change a rear light cluster because it had a big hole in it. a new front bumper cos the old one was pink and i couldnt pollish it up, i managed to find a second hand bumper in red in good condition. the mirrors go respraied cos they were pink too. there is still work to do on the body but im gonna wait till the summer.

    i have put in a new md sterio new speekers all round with a 10 inch sub in the boot. have also done the clear indicator mod on the front with white led side lights and xennon main lights. i ordered a pair of wind deflectors for the windows which are great as i smoke and they keep the wind and rain out of the car. ive put a ripspeed airfilter, which i made custom brackets to hold it still. there is a newly fitted decat pipe which sounds lovly.

  • so sexy even standard! :P

  • are those after market seats? they look cool with that hole at the top like the ones in the civic type R.

  • their the standard v6 seats

  • about the clear indicator lights how we go about getting new lens etc as mine have so much crap they wont clean no matter what

  • I have them ones(seats) im my car and its the 1.5 model!

  • Yeah those seats were in both the RS and GS models, but only up until the 1994 model. In models that are newer than 1994 the whole interior is changed, new seats front and back and a completely different dash, but for some reason in the UK we didn't ever get the new dash. That's why I went for a 94 model, love the old shaped seats. If you're dead lucky you can get an SE which has those seats in leather or half-leather, depending how lucky you are :)

  • yea the seats came with it, i think they are cool. the trim isnt very good tho. to do the clear indicator lens, you need to smash out the orange insert and use them bulbs that are silver but flash orange, ive just put some smoked repeaters on today. ill post pics soon

  • Hey, the clear front indicators, I was thinking about doing them for a long time and recently bought some of the crome coated bulbs.
    Could you tell me how the hell you managed to smash out all of the orange filter?

  • if you look into the light unit from the back you can see the orange insert. i think i used a screwdriver and some long nosed pliers. you have to be carefull not do do any dammage. the slots that hold the bulb holder took a bit of a beating but it all works fine. ill post some pics friday nite so you can see how good it looks. the silver bulbs are a must because if you have orange ones it looks the same as before.

    happy smashing :x

  • here are some new pics for ya

    a close up of the front indicator converted to clear with silver / orange bulbs

    side repeators from motor world


  • the paintwork looks as if it in real good condition!!!

    Looking good dude 8)

  • mate you have the actuall code or car the side repeaters were for as went down before for some and could find nothing to fit. the baby

  • i want some too, is there any way of not smashing the orange bit out of the indicator tho?

  • ive been on the site for motorworld and i think they are these, they show them in green. mine are smoked. i cant see any dimensions on the site but the description sounds the same.


    as for the front, there is a way of getting the clear lens off, (ive seen it on mx3.com.) then you pull out the orange bit. i had a spare set so i went for it.

    hope that helps

  • and also. you dont need silver bulbs with these smoked side lenses i left in the orange ones suplied.

  • whack them in the oven! Thats what I did, worked a treat, my bro told me about it from club323f forum.

    BUT BEWARE he totally trashed 2 of his by over heating them then they got a little bit twisty! So maybe smashing out the orange is easier/safer…

  • it worked for me 8)

  • just a pic of my decat.

  • hese are the new wipers ive put on. take a close look… they are a new style that you get on newer cars

    and ive hammerited my back box and put some 60mm collars over the rusty ends. the rear looked realy messy before


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