• Guys…. I'm looking into an aftermarket ECU like the Apexi PowerFC but don't know how to go about it... There is all so the GReddy e-Manage ULTIMATE piggy-back style unit :idea: Help.. :x

    Whats out there :?: I would really like to be able to have the flexibility to change/modify ALL "engine parameters"

    Am I been overzealous…. Should just stick with the KLDE ECU and get it chipped after, when I install the engine :?:


  • Megasquirt seems very popular with MX3 ers. Also have a look at

    I think this piggy back system looks fricken schweet. Seriously considering it…
    Launch control
    Output windows (for nos or in my case VRIS)
    Map sensor
    real time windows tuning
    and much more awesomeness
    fuel and spark control - optional

    and best of all

    Simple piggy-back installation only requires 7 wires to operate with no major re-wiring of OEM components.

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