AJW82's MX3

  • 1997 1.8 K8 :)

    I've got Toyo Proxes all round, for a standerd car I can't ask for any thing better in a car like this..

    Soon to be fitted are the new stainless steel manifolds I got from XS-Power from ebay.. Sadly the EGR pipe was missing when I opened the box :x
    Sooooo.. Waiting for that prob to be resolved :? Then I can fit it :twisted:

  • very nice man how much did the manifold set ya back ya puttin it on yourself??

  • The bottom picture was taken today with a cool sunset :?

  • yumyum looks clean
    I'm running toyo proxes tr1s too :)

    Those manifolds look almost identical to mine. That's bad luck about the EGR pipe. I'm sure they'll send you another one? Should be fun putting them on with the engine in!

  • :twisted: £121.. Free poasted too! I was laughing :)
    Going to fit my self, Though I'm not looking forward to the manifold bolts!! :shock: The last thing I need is to end up sheering one off, then I have a huge prob :roll: if not a massive one!! lol

  • Marco… Was looking at that obstacle the other week... There's not much space up there lol :o

  • from where??? and ya gotta take some pic cos i'm to lazy (and i dont have a car anymore) to get under and have a look at the back manifold

  • robx1r… :D I have some poor pic's but meh.. I'll pop them on :arrow:

  • Areft (Rear) Manifold

    EGR Valve with O2 in the way :!:

  • nice looking system got anymore info about it also. etc what it is actually ment for. etc 1.8v6 mazda. or is it probe. let us know how it goes.

  • Oh Yeah :!: I have a US/Canada Mazda Manual in PDF if anyone is interested :o
    All so I lost my EPC's second disc, :oops: it's ready handy for ordering parts at a main dealership but I all ways use > http://www.fordprobestore.co.uk/store/

    I'll ask my mate for some server space and set up an FTP to DL it… The file's only 38Mb's

    I have some IC info on the Nippondenso ECU's EEPROM in PDF but I have never had the chance to open one up yet so can't guarantee this info's corect. I was just doing some research in to chipping my self but just by reading it I was in way over my depth lol! EEPROM Part Number: 27C256 DIL28/PLCC32 256Kbit - Eprom 32K x 8

  • Here's one the same as the one I got but from a different supplier on www.ebay.co.uk it's for a Probe or MX6, but as we all know there is very little difference externally between the K family.

    Item number: 120223630022

    Addz :)

  • ah i got mine from xs power for a ford probe 2.5
    its a bitch to fit
    manifolds and egr go up easy
    but when you try fiting the down pipe to the manifolds thats when you hit troble and then you have to do something to the cat a it is not right under the selecter if you hang it lowere then it hits speed bumps if you have it up selecters in the way
    so i cut out the middle siencer and welded the cat in its place
    and made a pipe to link down pipe to cat

  • James lol… Thanks duddy! I have a de-cat pipe to go on after the MOT will that help? For the love of god mate please say it will! lol


  • thanks think i got the idea. does the manifold ports line up correctly??

    following that by the sounds of it. if you got a cat back system you have to still shorten a pipe. think this may be the same for the ebay decat pipes . (mine dont go back on till july hehehe)

  • :roll: Awesome lol… Well.. I've not fitted it all yet. I'll have to crose the bridge(s) after the MOT then! :x


  • maby might pass the selecter omnly one way to fined out fit it on and give the selecter a good wobble you
    you will have to shorten this pipe thow as the down pipe with this set is about 6 inches longer than the original
    but best thing to do is keep it standard till after mot then get it done

  • they came with a cat and mid box????? lol i had manifold-2.5 straight pipe-8" racing can. motorway driving was painful!!!!!

  • There is a GReddy E-Manage Engine Control Unit Management (ECU) going on ebay for £159.99….

    Item number: 130198587093 :P

    I'm thinking for future mods.... :?:

    Addz :)


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