My Mazda MX3 is going to the breakers - Cheap Parts!!!!

  • Many parts are gone, still have,

    Clear front bumper indicators (orange bit rem) - £10 posted

    4kg seats, many of you have prob seen those, ready to bolt in….

    £225 - pair!!!!! you will have to arrange pickup or courrier…

    2 x OMP 4 Point harness, with bolts for mx3, perfect for seats as combo £50!!!

    short shifter, ebay, jobbie £15 posted

    Momo Millennium wheel with Boss kit for MX3 - £80 posted!!!!

    17" OZ Superleggeras sprayed black good tyres £200!!!! - pickup or you arrange courrier

    Im not after silly money, adv is on pistonheads also. Grab a bargain!!!!!

  • tiny rihno might be intrested in the short shifter

  • yup I could be

  • wat appened to the rear hatch dude
    realli wanted that :evil:
    and the rear lights :evil:
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  • can i grab the clear indicators off ya?

  • can ya see how much it is for shipping to the republic on those seats ????

  • Ok, so the short shifter is £15 posted, pm me and we can arrange paypal or cheque.

    Seats to Republic, i am afraid this is something you will have to look into as i have been pulling my hair out with regard to getting the KLZE shifted as i have a small driveway so big couriers lorrys cant get down here. If you want the seats make some phonecalls and i will do my best to help at this end.

    With regard to the rear hatch and lights and the bonnet, i have been offered £500 for the lot, but the guy has not paid a deposit yet and said he would over the weekend, so if you have the cash i will have to make arangements as the stuff is hanging about.

    If someone wanted, i would sell the whole rolling chassis for 1k cash…and you can break it up, i just simply dont have much time.

    With regard to clear indicators, PM sent for headlights, if you want clear indicators we can just throw them in also without any additional postage.


    Please email me for contact,


  • what bits do you have left for sale ?

  • Taipan Enclosed Carbon Fiber Filter - SOLD

    All other bits are still for sale, just whoever has that stuff called money, gets it first, lol

    Email me what you want, good chance i have it, just because someone says they want something does not mean they have paid me, hence its still for sale lol


  • To right man whoever makes way with the money gets it first!!!!! how much do they weigh in total

  • I'm after both doors if you have them. My rubber seals are crinkled and unsightly so if yours are in good condition then I'd like them. I'm at TS23. To go with them have you got the ignition barrel and key(s)?


  • Both seats likely 15kg to be safe with runners and all so you can bolt them in, with the harness etc also prob add 5kg, id say £20 to be safe and well within limits.

    My Postcode is TR13 0HA

    Get a quote for shipping, send me the money and its yours. There is one small gellcots crack 4" long on the passenger seat but it can be touched in or left, i was not fussed, pics will be posted before purchase. Overall they cost me double what im selling for but hey, live and learn.

    As for the doors, they have no internal doorcards as my MX3 was stripped, i have keys and a barrel that work, not sure how to remove tho? ill have a poke around at the weekend as i have to get a few pics etc for peeps as i like happy buyers.

    A few peeps on here have bought things from me before and i would hope they would back me up as trustworthy.

    I still have the steering wheel and Boss

  • Nice one Tommy, I'll just use the exsisting door cards from mine. Just to make sure, whats the colour of your car, from dataplate? Have a goosey at the weekend and this would be appreciated.

  • I need a starter motor if possible…


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