Phobea's - 94 GS SE Project

  • Just bought the car as "spares or repairs" from eBay for £250!

    The only thing that's actually wrong with it is oil leaks, which I'm pretty confident is just valve stem seals (see this thread for more info) took these pics as soon as I got it home after the 11 hour round trip (loooong story).

    Had the MOT/Safety check yesterday, needs O/S/R shock and track rod replacing, then it's good to go. Not bad for a £250 car! Opting for full new suspension instead of replacing the one shock with an OEM part.

    Loving the freedom of having a 'project car'. Have always had to worry about getting it back on the road ASAP to drive to work before, this way I can take my time and do things properly.

    Problems I've noticed:

    So yeah, I've got my work cut out. All that plus the ZE transplant then bodywork then interior… can't stop grinning thinking about all the fun I'll have.

    Just so glad to have an MX-3 again, missed it like crazy since the accident.45c011adf2

  • thats not a bad price at all!
    lovely alloys too! even if they are in poor condition!

  • Man I'm getting so disheartened already, the parts are just too fucking difficult to get hold of unless you're made of money, and there are literally no mechanics around here interested in the project. Sure they'll do the job for the money but I'm after someone who sees where I'm going with it all, who can recommend shit to me.

    Don't mind me I'm just fucked off, she's sat in my drive all pulled apart for weeks and the only progress I've made is to fix the central locking and sort the lights out. Managed to source a ZE thanks to TommyD though!

    Still looking for:

    -Affordable coilover setup
    -Decent body repair/paint shop
    -K-Max Side skirts
    -Nice double-twin exit zaust

    Waiting for dosh for:

    -Lightweight 17x7.5 10 spoke rims
    -ACT Clutch
    -KL01 ECU
    -Pioneer double-DIN head unit, Infinity 6s and JL sub
    -Clifford full closure alarm
    -BlackDiamond discs and pads all round
    -Redtop battery

    Best do the lottery tonight :)

  • yea thats my problem too
    iv to change the bearing and coil pack in mime 270 just for the 2 parts

  • No worries bud for sourcing KL-ZE.

    BUT!!! If you have sourced a ZE you dont want to source a KL-01 ECU!!!!!!!!

    KL-01 ECU is a KL-DE - UK MX6 165Bhp engine…. :?

    You want a KL31 or KL36 ECU - This is Jap Spec ECU for ZE :D

    As soon as my Turbo gets here you can have mine if you like, as im going Standalone with Megasquirt.....Loose the power sapping JE-50 MAF at last :D

  • Christ mate Turbo and Megasquirt, you'll be pushing 10s!

    Cheers about the ECU info, could have been messy. Would def be ineterested in your ECU, when you likely parting with it? I probs won't do the swap for a couple months yet.

  • You can run the ZE on the K8 ECU untill you get a KL31/36 ECU….it just wont run full power due to the map. As soon as my Turbo kit gets here it will be coming out and ill let you know then......could be 2mths maybe more...depends on things in the US but it will come....

    It wont be anything when first turbo'd as the ZE is high Compression 10:1, so ill only be able to run 7psi boost. So around 300Bhp, still fun mind....

    Iv started saving for a rebuild of my engine, pistons, rods, titanium retainers, polished crank, Rebuilt Box with Quaffe LSD and MX6 final Drive, Uprated Shafts, etc good for 450bhp, That will be next Winters Project.........

  • smashin lookin lil car … nearly identical 2 mine... ill try get sum pics up soon 4 yas. mines runin on 17`s ... its a lil lower and the usual induction kit etc... bodys terrible tho but i got her cheap so its all a workin progress :). (not as cheap as urs tho ya jammy shit lol)

  • hi phobea.
    ive just noticed you live in bognor, thats just down the road from me!


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