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  • This may be stupid but o got some super bright white led's for my sidelights yesterday, so i removed the cover and put them in and they look great.
    But when you start the car and turn on the side lights there all so appears to be side lights in the main headlight, but there is no seperata bulb to replace with an led.
    Is there anyway of stopping this so the only sidelight i have are the one's in the bumper?

    Just it looks stupid with bright wite sidelights in the bumper and a dull colour in the main headlight.

  • im not sure about this one but i do know that the sidelights in te main unit and built in to the same bulb as the main beam. following this i am out.

  • a set of ultra bulbs h4 should do the trick

  • so are your sidelights only on when you turn? or are they on all the time with the parking lights/running lights?

  • @3dea4244de=Mooneggs:

    so are your sidelights only on when you turn? or are they on all the time with the parking lights/running lights?

    I think we might be having 'translation' difficulties here :lol: A bit like boot = trunk, hood = bonnet, wing = fender, etc.

    By the sidelights I mean the lights on the car that are on when you turn the light stalk one notch - the stage before dipped beam/main headlights on. Manufacturers do call them parking lights, but in the UK, most people refer to them as sidelights.

    When I turn the light switch one position, without the ignition on, only the bumper lights illuminate. After the ignition is on, the headlights also come on with the switch in the same position - with a short delay. I've seen other MX-3s with what appears to be the same setup after I noticed it on mine - I just thought it was odd when I saw it on mine before seeing any tohers the same.

  • ok I understand now … thanks for clearing that up for me! :oops:

    I've tried to catch on to the local vernacular as I realize I don't speak quite the same way - thanks for your patience :D

    your setup with the headlights coming on automatically sounds strange to me unless it's some time of DRL safety feature.

    and what year is your car? it could be like 96+ models have this type of feature? I'm just guessing here as the US did not have them after 96...

  • Ok. Went to get some new bright bulbs today for my headlights. Halfords say the bulbs for the headlights are H1 which are a single filerment bulb so they are only dipped and full beam and the side lights are the 501 bulbs in the bumper. So is my car strange i just dont understand.

    Help :?:

    And a question can i convert it to H1 bilbs so i dont get the very weak yellow effect in the main headlights.

  • boooooooolllocks. They're H4s. Your main bulbs act as combination headlights and sidelights. I've got xenon white ones, and they do look white, not blue not yellow but white.

  • This is confusing the c**p out of me. I put xeon h4 bulbs in mine today and they are bright white reall good. But when you turn them to sidelights they give of a really crap dull yellow colour. It just seems very strange that you have the sidelights in the main light and the ones in the bumper. And to confuse even more i seen an MX3 yesterday with just the bottom side lights on and it was the same model and year as mine.

  • same as marco I've got xenon white ones, and they do look white, not blue not yellow but white.

  • lol You could rewire to only have bumper sidelights. Mine are a little yellow as sidelights, as I think its just the same filament with less current. But white as headlights, and I bought white for my bumper sidelights.

  • Thats what i was thinkin of doin. I have led sidelights in the bumper and they are really bright and when the headlights are are they are super bright to so yeah might have a go at that today.
    Thanx for the help

  • When you turn your side lights on it puts only a few volts through your bulbs in the headlamp. Thus making them seem less bright, you need to locate the voltage control box which sends the signal to the bulbs, possible mounted within the column assembly or fuse box.. I will look at some wiring diagrams at work.

    Good luck..

  • :? odd, when I hit side lights all I get is the bumper lights. my headlights dont kick in till one click further :?

  • Right see this is my problem. Do you have H1 bulbs in your headlight. What model and year is your car

  • H4 bulbs in a 98 V6

  • I thought H4 was rally spec or something. I got this stupidly massive torch that is so-many million candles (The type you would use when shooting rabbits supposedly shines for 6 miles) and that takes H4 bulbs. Its well brighter than my car lights and they have xenon bulbs in. The instructions say replace with H4 12V 130/100W rally bulb. It also says you can get a H4 100/80W if hard to get the rally ones. I don't think H4 are street legal though unless they are 60/55W. Can you imagine how hot the headlight glass would get with those rally bulbs in. Scary hot! Xenon bulbs rock, I never even have to use high beam.

    I got a similar problem to you but in reverse. My headlights are white but bumper lights dull yellow. I guess if I get some of your Bright LED's this will be all white. (Get it? all white, all white at the back).

    I want my fogs to be white not yellow. Mine are so yellow you would think they were for continental driving lights. Either that or lemons stuck on me bumper and it makes no change when I swap bulbs. There is a yellow film in there thats hard to get to. Any ideas here?


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