• Has anybody tried to re laquer a part of a car, because if somebody has i need some advice…

    is it hard?

  • I'm gonna be seen as a know it all soon enough!!!!! lol :wink:
    what part of the car are you looking to do??

  • if you are using 2pack or 2k you'll need to put a light coat of paint on for the laquer to bond to. obviously the stuff under that will need to be prep'd properly first.

    Its pretty simple to do just follow the 'dry-line', if you get any runs/drips these can be polished out later on. if you are not doing an entire pannel then you'll need to blend it evenly which can be tricky. Although polishing with wet/soapy 1500-2000grit wet+dry should sort it, then a nice buff with some g3 paste.

    If the laquer is peeling off in flakes that is because it did not bond to the paint. the paint needs to be tacky for the laquer to bite into it properly. Buy an old wing or something to practice on if you are not feeling too confident.

  • i done my wings and bumper. never had any poblems. however i never spray the laquer over tacky paint. let the base coat dry totally and then use wet and dry 1800 over the base coat. then apply laquer.

  • i thought that until i spoke to a bloke in the paint shop, for using 2pack leave it 10-15mins then spray the laquer, something to do with the chemicals bonding.

  • ommm well my type of dry is around that. touch dry to finger etc. suppose is still a lil soft under but its hard enough then to sand the shiny off also

  • well my birds mx 5 door is looking really shite, she got a quote for it which was 150 quid, so i thought id try to save her some money, will have a go when it gets a bit better out…


    can somebody do me a step by step please?

  • is it just a laquer spray your going to do (as of laquer peal) or you going to actually spray again with a base coat?


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