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  • Hey all, i'm new to the mazda scene having had a few pulsars (4)
    a friend gave me the car cos i destroyed the gearbox on my latest pusar. i'm very impressed with my mazda it's great cos peope think its a 1.3????? :lol:

    1.8 v6
    straight through
    racing can (8" long)
    185/50/14 :shock:

    plans are to get a decent exhaust manifold
    to fit the new 16" 8" forged alloys
    clean the body up
    sort out the overheating/messed up coolant system

  • looks good :D

  • is that an SE? looks like it, if its origonal paint

  • a what??? lol al i know about this car is it's badged as a mazda eunos it is a jap import doesn't have electricly retracting mirrors whats yhe difference (sorry i'm a nissan head!)

  • stole this from another thread…..

    1. According to figures released the SE has a few more HP than a normal MX-3 (around 4-5hp ). However some popple feel that they are exactly the same and that MAZDA just released different figures to help seperate the SE, this is thought because USA released figures for all the MX3 are 135 bhp which is also the same as some of the UK SE figures. The standard MX3 in the UK is often referred to as having 130 bhp.

    So who knows? will we ever know???

    2. You can't tell the difference between the two by driving them, condition of the engine makes more difference.

    3. The first wave of SE's in the UK were all white and made in 1993. (only 150 were made and had the Special alloys)

    4. There are Red, black, blue, green, raspberry and white SE's. (Although I have seen only one blue one in the UK and no Raspberry ones). The official UK special to the collector would be the white one with the special alloys.

    My point was the white ones were the official SE launch in the UK, when the SE had its launch over here it was initially only available in white then after that initial launch it was available in the other colors.

    Therefore if the MX-3 does become a classic it would be the collectors choice. Think of it like collecting books, it would be a First Edition.

    5. They continued to make SE's after 1993 all the way up to 1998.

    6. Look for Leather seats to spot an SE. If it aint got the leather seats then it aint really an SE, because the main difference between the two is that it had leather seats and sometimes different alloys.

    7. Some more sort after ones had full black leather, some only had half leather.

    8. Some had heated seats and leather shift knobs aswell.

    To conclude:

    SE's have better interior, so if you get a chance to buy one at a regular MX-3 price do so and save yourself the £300+ it will cost to buy second hand leather seats from a breakers (if you can find them).

    But don't forget like all so called "Specials" you pay for the privilage. SE's are group 16, Equipe's are group 15, Gold Badge's are group 15 and normal MX-3's are only group 14.

    But there aint much difference between an SE and a normal MX-3.

    also found this....

    My 1994 White MX3 SE V6 Says:

    Vehicle Line: CE3
    Destination: BB
    Body Type: C300
    Engine Type: CEO6D24
    Displacement: 1800
    F.CHG: E
    Transmission: 5MT
    Drive: 2
    Suspension: Hard S.
    Seat Type: STB---
    Trim Type: TDA
    A/C: Y
    Exterior Colour: UF
    Interior Colour: EA3
    Model Spec EA33-BAG
    VIN: JMZEC1etc............. think this is the same on all SEs
    Special Edition

    someone correct or delete this if its not true :roll:

  • lol here we go with the se thing again. some people got confused with this before along with a forum disagrement croping up. however just a note my door stickers also states special edition along with jmze….

    makes me think we should bump that thred up again. and see what the out come is

  • if that is a true eunos jap SE I'd like to see more pics of it including the interior…

  • well it does have enki genuine mazda rims?? lol 3-5 break i'm not that fussy!!!!!

  • Not an se no leather seats! don't like too slippy!

  • that was one of the main points about the se before… seats in leather. im not sure if all of them had leather or not. i just go now what is on my id sticker on car and log book.

  • WELL as I sit here in the Largest Mazda dealership in Ontario (I work here in parts) I as also having an SE will have to give my 2 cents!

    the CANADIAN SE ONLY came in 1993 and the only difference was they came with Leather HEATED seats, Leather shift knob and steering wheel, and special edition 15 inch rims. They did come in Blaze red, Brilliant black, Blue,(these were very rare to see), and the imfamous Rasberry metallic (which they were most common in) They said to only have 2500 of these in NA but know one really knows! I know I have #224 since I looked mine up!

    It is also said that yes they do have more power from having a more "tuned" engine.

    That is all! :twisted:


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