Desperately Seeking ….............. Exhaust sys

  • hey ,

    been looking all over and cannot find any company in the UK / europe that sells a full (front to back) exhaust system for my 1996 mazda mx-3 V6 24v !

    do you know of anywhere that sells them ?


  • I think it will have to be a custom job from powerflow or the like. Only prebuilt I've seen is a cat back from pacesetter - USA

  • yep thats correct was looking back last year when i was in uni bored!!!1 only way your going to get something like that is powerflow. or following that you can go the chav way and get a box from halfords etc and weld it on and say to everyone its a full custon system.

    think my quote from powerflow before which was for a system from cat back was around 320. think freedom has been to powerflow give him a shout on his price.

  • theres a company called renagade by brands hatch that do full zorsts! I definitely know they do them for bikes. worth a call or email them about cars.
    they are bloody good and make everything in house.

  • you could do the probe manifold, high flow cat then that pacesetter back!

    ebay is a good place to start for all three^ :D

  • there was a company towards london i did e-mail asking about a full stainless system for the v6. they mentioned it would not be worth a custom down pipes etc as the powergains are not that great on the v6 but if did the 2.5 v6 then it would be.

  • yeah , i see what you mean , but considering a front pipe alone for the mx3 is about 250 - 300 quid , i was looking for a full sys from manifold to back box . looks like a custom build is the only way to go ! .

    • Marco , do you know anywhere in NI that builds custom ?

  • Yup there's a couple of powerflow licenced places:

    68-71 Queens Street
    Co. Antrim
    BT42 2BD
    Contact - Stephen
    on - 02825 637773

    63 Mill Road
    BT36 7BA
    Contact - Damien
    on - 02890 800301

    6 Lower Catherine Street
    BT35 6BE
    Contact - Mark/John
    on - 02830 266622

    Dees Exhausts quoted me £300 for 2.5" pipe cat back, 4" jap can sorta setup. You would be better with 2.25" unless you plan to engine swap or turbo though - so probably a bit cheaper. I'll be ringing around though, see if I can get a better price than that!

  • cheers , il maybe try CARNOISSEUR , there just up the road

  • n1 let me know how it goes and the £££


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