Shock Absorbers

  • Hi guys,

    I need a pair of new rear shocks, but the prices I've been getting have been coming out at over £200 for a pair! Has anyone been able to get them cheaper? What about aftermarket shocks?


    Sam 8)

  • garfy might be able to help you out mate. PM him as i know hes into his performance side!

  • sorry mate i replied on but i see you got my message.

    just for reference search for proven products they sorted me out a set of bilstein shocks, lowering spings and powerflex boots and bumpstops dirt cheap, a hell of alot cheaper than mazda ones.

    I seriously need to sit down and note down all my links to mx-3 parts and suppliers as there is quite a few out there, just tricky to find.!!

  • Yeah they were an awesome service, so cheap too. Bit strapped for cash at the mo, but I reckon I can get away with just replacing the shocks. Good to know that they would be able to supply boots or stop aswell.

    Sam 8)

  • have a look at deamon tweeks. (sorry about spelling if wrong) i was looking for a pair. and found out that a set of lowering shocks and springs were cheeper than two standard ones

  • I am also looking for a good set all round, having done just springs on normal shocks it doesn't work well.. looks good sat still but driving you lose out.

    Think about it really, your asking a normal shock to pull back a spring that is uprated, stiffer and shorter. It might be fine at first but eventually something will go pop!

  • what was your price for the struts as i'm looking now found blisten b4's for 234.

  • i brought a brand new set of h&r shock of corksrport and tockiko struts it worked out to be the same price as replacing oem parts even after customs tax. seem to be the cool thing about mx-3 its cheaper to buy performace parts than it is to buy stock . not many cars can say that :)


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