Custom exhaust - HELP!!!!!!

  • Hi all,
    Ive bought an MX-3 last week, its an oldie but a goodie (1992 1.8 V6 Jap import) but im having trouble finding a performance back box for it.
    I picked up a universal 5 inch Jap cut pipe but my local garage said it would need so much work to get it to fit its not worth it. The only performance back boxes Ive found that should fit are from Sportex…..They look ok but I would like more choice. Im after a single 4-5 inch tip (Jap or straight) and have seen loads of MX-3's with these types of exhausts.
    Can anyone help me??

  • @cec4c91cb4=tommygunnz:

    Can anyone help me??

    nope and just like most of us here we are beyond help lol

    oh yeah welcome :lol:

  • power flow. will custom make u one to how you want and sound.

  • mine ony cost €100 to get welded in place sounds dead sexy too!!!!!

  • hi there.
    the sportex exhausts are quite good. if you are interested ive got one for sale. its only had 2 weeks use! was gonna put it on the site and ebay soon, but if you want some pics then let me know. its the 3 inch version.

  • Thanks for everyones help.
    Ive gone with the Powerflow idea, booked my car in next week. They gave me a figure of £200 all in so cant be bad!


  • I too have got the sportex one, 3", the neighbours don't complain about me leaving for work at 6AM, but it gets louder as the revs go up, but as it hits 60-70MPH the noise dies down drastically meaning motorway driving is all good 8)


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