Bumper advice

  • right you may all know that i hit a stupid deer the other week which has sorta killed my bumper at looking at it now. im considering changing the look of the standard bumper as im not looking after anything too extreme. so i know i can rescue it with a little bit of work

    previously i was toying witht the idea of removing the section that goes across the lower gap (meshing that) and filling the little vent at the top. supose kinda like lambomx3 new front end.

    on that note can anyone advise me on the products to use to fill the sections and smooth over the skirts etc. i have used body filler before on previous cars and the skirts on this mx but it has hair line cracks appear after some time.

    any step by step would be great.

    thanks fella's

  • post up a pic so we can see what the damage is like. then we can give the right advice

  • not got the camera with at the moment at familys house.

    here is what is wrong…..

    with the middle section you have the flat splitter. the vertical supports for this are cracked both on top and under it. i have previously smoothed in the splitter to the bumper but this has not got a crack across it. i can just redo this but was wondering once i cut the middle section away would filler be the best or matting to give a same sort of look to lambosmx3 front end with the top vent smoothed over. hope this explains better till i get the camera out and work out how to post up a photo.

  • I would probably stuff behind the vent with something removable.
    Fibreglass over that as close to the desired out come as poss
    Let it harden then remove the temporary stuff
    Use filler to obtain the correct final finish and shape

    But what would I know! I do know that if you just used filler it would crack though :shock:

  • think that is where i went wrong before.i did run out totally of glass matting after doing a mates car and touched up mine with filler. but thinking of getting a few m squared from ebay. along with fibre glass. then use a thin skim of filler for finish.

  • well after sorting out a few things and washing some clubbing clothes i managed to find 50 notes. so i decided to have a productive few days.

    i still need to do a few things to it such as mesh and maybe place back on car :oops:

  • it looks like you have molded the front lip to the bumper?? hard to tell from the pic…

    I cut out my center plastic in my front grill in my klze- makes it look more agressive.

  • yep. smoothed in the splitter and filled in the top air vent. left the middle splitter till i can get hold of a good mesh. as im still using it as support for the lower half.


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