Front Bumper Removal

  • Hi All,

    How card is it to remove the front bumper on an MX3?

    Had a bit of a prang this morning and mines a bit damaged, but not too bad. :oops: Might get a new bumper and fit myself, but how hard is it to do?


  • Ah its not particularly hard but a bit of a pain in the ass. The main attachment is the two brackets going onto the x member. There's a metal frame that bridges along the top and under the headlights needs unbolted too. Also some really annoying plastic screws underneath that I always destroy removing and 2? screws in the wheel arches. I'm sure you'll manage it!

  • Wicked!

  • there is 4 bolts on the inner bumper, 2 under each headlight. one of these were seazed and the stud came loose from the inner bumper. the stud was now spinning and the bolt wont come off and nore will the inner bumper. so i ripped it off with my hands, hard work.
    so to be safe give them a squirt of wd-40 first. other than that easy.

  • Thinking I might get a new front bumper - anyone know the best place to source one?

    Can probably bodge the old one, but I managed to hit something else this morning by being paranoid about not hitting other cars (council has put stupid posts right next to our drive way to stop people parking on the grass, but you can't SEE them when your reversing out, idiots :evil: )

    Failing that, anyone know of a non-chavvy front bodykit bumper lol!

  • where do you live? ive got one, its intact with the lip but needs a respray


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