Koni Red Shocks

  • ok went to get mine lowered and my shocks are wrecked….been looking around for sum new shoxks and the only ones i can rly find are koni red ones... are these any good lookingat about 400 for the set... has anyone found n e better?

  • Bilsteins from proven products, currently in my red mx3. Got it dropped -40mm, handles great, looks sweet, comes as a complete strut - not an insert like koni.

    Cost me 320 or something for struts n springs, but they're oem replacement. Koni are designed for lowering I believe. So I would say koni better, but bilstein easier! Other options are importing kyb or tokico from US, think someone did that from here for a good price? Have a search ;)

  • if Koni are designed for lowering id suspect they pay less attention to handling? :?

  • how about these…there kyb...work out to be 232 delivered


    or are these gonna be basically the same as the standard shocks?

    Thnks Jonny

  • @c6fa06daf3=Unicorn:

    if Koni are designed for lowering id suspect they pay less attention to handling? :?

    Sorry let me rephrase that! Koni reds are adjustable and are intended for use with lowering springs, and are often used by the yanks with coilovers sleeves. Think tommy d had that set up. So better handling ;)

    KYB sounds reasonable, think the gr2s are pretty much oem style, but should survive a 40mm or less drop for a few years. Maybe could be cheaper to import? But I read they don't have ABS clips, so you would need to cable tie your wires on. Probably not a major issue though. Have a read on mx-3.com forum, I'm sure there's loads on there!

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