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  • Hi everyone. Well where do i start.

    I brought a silver MX3 1.8V6 a week ago. Only 79,000 on the clock cost me £1400. The interior is perfect looks like new. The bodywork is in good nick to a couple of little marks but nothing that carnt be sorted. As for the engine well it icked over slightly high 2,000rpm but after looking on hear a lot of peopl have had the same problem. Anyway i got the car and drove 75miles back from Sheffield and it was great ran sweet as a nut what a great car so much fun. And there is the problem i have not been able to drive it since.

    The problems

    I had a leak from the radiator hose. Simple problem you think. Well got a new hose yesterday put it on yippy. No such look where the hose conects to the radiator it has come of and is leaking from there. Im hopeing i can get it welded back on tomorrow when i take it for a full service.
    The air feed pipe was all so split so i got a new one and fitted that thinking it may cure the tickover problem, no it still ticks over at 2,000rpm.

    So im hopeing after tomorrow i will be able to drive it and have some fun. Im replacing the thermostat and all the belts. Got new plugs and leads as well.

    The last problem the exhaust has now gone lol. So thats a trip to demontweeks and a powerflow one next week.

    Any way enough of my problems. Hopefully it will be fixed tmos and i can get some pics up. i will keep you up to date :D

  • Exhausts UK.

    Mandrel bends, and real nice finish to there exhaust.

    also use top quality stainless..

    according to a few people, they can make it sound like you want. not sure about that though.

  • Just a quick update.

    Took the car this morning and the radiator has to come of and be welded. I am havin no luck at all.

    Well that is that problem sorted anyway. The garage did seem concerned about the tickover problem. I hope it is the thermostat but i will keep you all informed.

  • @a7c3b636c6=Wizzbit:

    The garage did seem concerned about the tickover problem. I hope it is the thermostat but i will keep you all informed.

    I can't see why the thermostat would make it tickover at 2k! more likely you have a split in a pipe somewhere or it just needs re-adjusting. have you played with the tickover screw to see if that helps?

  • Well there was a split in the air induction pipe but i replaced that. As for the tick over screw it is as tight as it can go. If i turn it the other way the tick over increases to 3,000rpm.

  • tried adjusting your TPS? Could well be the problem. You should really pull fault codes though to see if that brings up anything.

  • you didn't stop looking when you found the split in the air induction pipe did you? there is more than likely to be others!…

    the tps is a pain in the arse.
    had them on my smart and my buell! the only thing I had with them was they'd run a bit rough, but I didn't have high rev's.

  • Righty ho! I picked the car up from Langham Motors in Chester yesterday. I highly recommend them - brilliant, friendly service. Kept me updated regularly on progress as well.

    The car now idles beautifully at around 600rpm or so. The radiator has been repaired, and the water pump replaced as it was found to be pretty much dead as well.

    So, I've had to be prised away from the steering wheel to type this, I'm enjoying the car so much. 8)

    I grabbed some pics today at the Ponderosa on top of the Horse Shoe Pass…

    The door is fine - I just didn't close it properly when I took the pics :oops: Only noticed when I got home and checked the pics :lol:

    Items to do in the future:
    New alloys
    New exhaust
    A damn good clean and polish to bring the paint back up nice and shiney
    Induction kit
    Maybe more ;)

    I'm seriously impressed with how refined the engine is as well - as is my bro. It's much quieter than his FTO GPX (although that does have an induction kit, custom zorst, racing manifolds & downpipes and that crazy MIVEC stuff :lol: ). He was impressed with it when he drove it too, saying the handling was brilliant 8)

  • looks really clean :) New alloys sound like a good plan, think those are too harsh against such a sexy car! You should get a front lip from the scrappers, I think it really helps the looks ;)

  • Yeah alloys are a definate. Im looking at getting some Rota 17" alloys. Gunmetal with a polished lip should look good. The wheels are very light only 4.8kg each. I will look for a splitter i mush admit it makes a big difference.

    Thanx for the coments :D

  • Wel this is a link to the wheels i'm thinkin of getting http://www.rarerims.co.uk/product_details_alloys.php?product_id=99fef9d770b546ed4089c5a2c9a424a8&varient_id=3c638fb2eb23fba004b27ec0ec745532&colour_id=test2&size_id=5&pcd_id=1

    The size of the wheels are 17" and they are PCD4*100 ET45. Is this the correct offset for the MX3 dont really want to use spacers

  • looks good mate.

    so did they say what the problem was?

  • The problem was basically it needed a dam good service. The last owner had not looked after the car espically the engine. It runs so well now though the garage has done a great job. On a seperate note scary moment today my front wheel buckled on me goin round a roundabout for no reason, nearly hit a tree. So i am gettin my wheels on Monday hopefully.

    Right pain as i need my exhaust but that is now next on the list :D

  • good servicing!!! I would not have thought that was the problem but then i'm no mc nik.
    when I have time and funds mine is getting done.but saying that mine ticks over ok so I guess theres no rush. lol :shock: :lol:
    glad its ok for you just a shame about your wheels but you did want some lovely new ones tho….

  • @a89647fdb6=Wizzbit:

    my front wheel buckled on me goin round a roundabout for no reason, nearly hit a tree

    :shock: :o The actual rim buckled? Nasty! What make are they so I know to never buy them :P Glad for you nothing else got trashed though or you :)

    Get some lovely konig heliums ;)

  • The wheels were wolf race alloys. The are made from a low grade alloy so i have heard. The same thing happened to somebody in the fto owners club but he was doin 70 on the motorway and ended up trashing his car.

    I,ve ordered my wheels SDX rota's carnt wait to get them on :D

  • @8029367e1f=Wizzbit:

    I,ve ordered my wheels SDX rota's carnt wait to get them on:D

    don't forget the tyres!!! lol :shock: :lol:

  • My project has moved on another stage today 8)

    A nice delivery man handed over 4 Rota SDX alloys to me this moring, complete with lightweight wheel nuts and a set of locking nuts :D

    They look bronze in the photos (prob due to the low sun) - they are gunmetal in colour though. They're also extremely lightweight 8)

    Next step on the project is a new exhaust :wink:

  • those look nice but have you thought about lowering it?

  • @4bacaf4cf8=Mooneggs:

    those look nice but have you thought about lowering it?


    One step at a time :wink: Lowering will happen in the near future, but exhaust is next on the list because the current one has just about had it :lol:


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