Advice please

  • Well trying to sell the car and had no interest at all any tips?

    Too pricey?

    all ideas welcome

  • looks nice but you'll never recoop what you put into it!
    I think its up for a very fair price.
    if you look on begay you'll see how much standard ones go for and your price is not to far off that (maybe cheaper)

  • Your selling it a bit cheap.

    Stick it in auto trader for that price, don't list any mods apart from the Rims and you will sell it easy.

    Stick the old intake back on and try and sell it to the person who buys the car for an extra £40 or £50 fitted and fit it on the spot for him.

    If not you will get £30 - £50 easy for it on ebay. Ask for more if its a proper K&N filter, more like £80.

    Your milage and mods are your only problem.

    Hope that helps.

  • really nice looking mx 3, to be honest probably the right price, could go for a bit more maybe…
    Just ashame mx 3 arnt that sort after..


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