Problem - white/blueish smoke on start up

  • as the title says really, Its only for a minuite or so then it goes normal, I heard it could be the head gasket or the valves or valve seats, its a 1.6 16v.

    also theres a whining noise coming from around the alternator for about 30secs on start up, could that be a glazed belt?

    any help would be great

  • i must have the slowest car on the site!! the only person with a 4cylinder!!
    fixed the alternator noise, thinking the smokes due to valve seals, mazda are going to get back to me with a price for them.

  • mate, i got a 1.6 auto with lots of fibreglass, hydraulics and 18'' wheels…..

    low power and big weight... lol

    But things dont have to go fast for people to appreciate em! :)

  • i've got to get new valve stem seals :( mazda wanted £90 for them and to fit them they wanted £500!!

    I found a guy who is going to source me some for cheaper then i gota get dirty!!

  • As comforting as the notion is, I don't think I'd ever let a Mazda garage do any labour on my car ever. Their rates are at least triple what I'm used to paying for a very good mechanic.

  • i thought i'd miss herd him when he said £500, i'm gonna do it myself any way,or with help from a mechanic friend.

  • i got a head gasket set which includes the valve stem seals and all of the engine gaskets for £49.20 from an engine parts place in Fleetwood, near Blackpool.

    I also got a timing belt because i got no service history when i got the car so i dont know if its ever been done. I thought i might aswell change it when its all stripped.

  • for the time being you could get that really tick yello guck! its like replacment oil it lubrecates but also if the pistons are fecked or anything it will stop the leak! as its extremely thick!

  • not heard of that before, any links to it??

  • no the next time im in the garage ill have a look! its in nearly every petrol station around here! actually looks like honey

  • think your talking of wynn's stop smoke. its about 5 quid. lubes the entire oil system and soften valve seals. just put some of that in mine now. works a treat.

  • have i just wasted money on buying the new bits or is it still worth doing???

  • im still getting mine done (valve seals) just doing it as a temp thing till easter time.
    as mi service station did the head gaskets but dont think they did the valve seals. as im getting some smoke after engine brake'n down hill following pull off

  • picked up my gasket set today, £52 it ended up at, i should hopefully be doin the seals at the weekend.


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