Had a bit of a laugh…

  • today,

    I got myself on the fooooon to the insurance/scammers to get a quote on the new rhino ride!
    bear in mind I'm 35 have held my license for 16 years and its clean, live in an ex-army house keeping the car in my garage and we have armed mp patrols. oh yeah and we are 15 miles from any town in any direction.
    now, the car is a mx-3 1.8 v6..
    800 clams they want!!! the cars not even worth 600

  • try virgin insurance, im 29 and its less than £400.

  • im 19, 3 years no claims mind
    have a 2.5 in mine
    lambos full body kit lowered 4k worth of stereo 18z blady blahall declared
    £625 fully comp

  • thanks guys 8) i'll give it a go
    see how hard it makes laugh this time.
    its funny that I can insure a buell that is 6.5k for a 100 clams and if the frame is dented is then written off. only had the bike license 2 years….

    go figure

  • Shit!

    Iv;e brought a 1.6 mx3, first car :lol:

    anyone got few k spare?

  • :lol:

  • @1ba09f2149=freedom:

    im 19, 3 years no claims mind
    have a 2.5 in mine
    lambos full body kit lowered 4k worth of stereo 18z blady blahall declared
    £625 fully comp

    how have you got 3yrs ncb at 19??
    im just 20, i have a 1.6 and payed 600 tpft this last time that was 2yrs ncb.

  • waitin for that 1
    tescos took into my account 1 years ncb on me moped
    since then after that i had 2 years then no insurance company has quibled since, when i said i was 18 with 2 yrs ncb they jus said send us proof, i did, and the since then its been the same story
    ive got it on papaer and thats all they care about

  • thats awsome!!

  • Got my car today 1.8V6 worth £1400 and my insurence £560 fully comp. Im 25 got 5 years no claims and use my car for work 20,000 miles a year. Insurence what a joke :D

  • nice :D get a project log going in the members cars section avec pics ;)

  • Quinn direct Insurance
    3yrs no claims
    3 points
    26 yrs old

    Cheaper to buy online.

    Try tesco compare, money supermarket and confused.com websites, thats what I did to get my deal.

    Try www.hertsinsurance.com, very chaep for modded cars.

  • 20 yo
    1.8 v6 import
    1 year ncb
    3-7 points(not a single one for phone or speed)got them all this week too :(
    2800 f/comp+benift

  • 22 years old
    1yers ncb

    10k miles a year

    decalred my bonnet rear hatch tb induction kit engine swap / etc


    fully comp

    greenlight insurance

  • mines up soon. but got a quote last night. £510 fully comp. vol excess 250 total 850 (this total changes when i change my vol excess, any ideas what total mean)

    23 yrs old. 3 points (got stalled by police) 2 years no claims.

  • I am with tesco's.. Only £286 fully comp with protected no claims and legal cover.

    6 years no claims parked on drive with all mods declared..I feel like i got a dam good deal..

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