Mx3 triple pillar gauge pod

  • any one know where you can get one for right hand drive ive tryed a univercal one and it just dosent work

  • how comes the universal one doesnt work?

    Cant you adjust it so it fits using fibreglass?

  • well you got to cut it to fit and i been cuting it to bits trying tio get it to fit i got the right shape cut in to it its just to wide across the botom you can have it hiting the window or hanging doqwn inside with big gaps along the edges like an inch to wide i dont think cuting out the pods and sticking them to the pillers gonna be much beter

  • there's been a few people looking for this and nobody makes them… not enough demand... you could find a universal one....

  • yeh tryed a universal one but thay realy dont work

  • my plan, dont know if its going to work, was to immerse it in near boiling water so the plastic becomes soft then run to the car and shove it against the pillar.

    hopefully it'll take a decent shape against the pillar before it cools and becomes hard.

    anyone think im being daft?

  • nah could work well, just depends on whether the plastic is thermosetting or thermomelting.. hopefully the latter, which I think it will be.

  • you would have to watch out for the guage wholes make shore they dont distort

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